Old man, gene Teh (3D)


Title: Old man
Name: gene Teh
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi, I did this few months ago during my free time. Software that i used are zbrush, maya, 3dcoat, photoshop and shave & haircut.
This was my 1st time using 3dcoat for retopo, uv, and texture,its very smooth and fast workflow :smiley:

Here are some wip snapshots, hope you all like it.


Great work, looking really good!
My only crit is maybe a bit stupid, but I think the ear-texturing is not really up to par with the rest.


Nice done) Awesome work. It seems to me, that the man got tired from life) ++


WICKED JOB!! Love it. how do yo make your skin textures so nice?


Tangled-Universe - thanks for the comment, i do agree that the ear texture can be better. because its less detail compare with the face. :smiley:

Tigersfather - thank you, this time I don’t wan to do a hero again. Trying somethings new with more sad emotion.

CustomJC - thanks, I use a lot real skin texture for him this time, and skin detail sculpting in zbrush also helps a lot. 3dcoat help me a lot too during texturing. which i can paint on 3d model with layers :slight_smile:

Here is a snapshot in maya with shave and haircut


Speaking of ears, these ones are among the best modelled I’ve seen so far, but to be really perfect I think you should make the antihelix (that guy Y shaped) less protruding.
Also, I catch an uncomfortable feeling that ears themselves look like “glued” to the head, instead of being part of it. Maybe proportions, maybe angle stitching, I’m not able guess.
I really appreciate this work of yours, it looks excellent to me; the above just wishing to help towards perfection (btw, I lectured human anatomy in artschools).


Wow, that’s really nice. I love his grumpy expression.


Excellent! Very impressive portrait.


ebasta - thank you very much for the comments, this is what I hope to get in here, very much appreciate. :slight_smile:

Aerilenn - glad that you like that

Neb - thank you :smiley:


This is real awesome portrait! Your art style really fit you well!! XD


It’s a nice head, but this man doesn’t feel ‘old’. That’s because his eyeballs are way too young. Old eyes are dirty, muddy, ‘cloudy’ as opposed to your perfectly clean eye white and irises. Furthermore, I think it’s a pity the hair looks like it’s drawn onto the rest with a pencil. I feel two styles mixed together. But maybe that’s the look you were going for?

In any case this character has a very nice charisma.


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