Old Lamp, Zhelem Andrey (3D)


Title: Old Lamp
Name: Zhelem Andrey
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay


I never did works like this (I meen Still Life). So this is my first Still Life work. It was very interesting to setup materials and lighting for me, and one more thing: this work was done for competition on Ukrainian CG Forum (www.ukrainiancg.com) - 1st place :slight_smile:

modeling time: 5 days (simple poly modeling)
texturing: 4 hours (photo references of the lamp + Total textures)
lighting/materials setup: 2 days (Vray materials; 1 VRay light + 1 Direct Light + GI)
render time: about 1 hour


I love this picture. It produces such an certain lovely tendency. It is nearly like at that time, if I were in holidays with my granny.

The modeling, composing and texturing…really great!!!

No Question… 5 Points from Germany


nothing wrong


I like this place :slight_smile:


i wanna live in .

five stars:thumbsup:


Superb!!! Frontpage quality!!! 5 stars at all :slight_smile:


when i se it a checked again on the page title (it’s 3d stills not nature photography)
it’s almost true
awesome picture


Absolutely outstanding. Can’t find a single thing I would change about this :applause:


Art for Artgood job but why???
Perfect textures - why???
coool lighting - why???
to test your self and your computer possibilities…
can beter is to make a foto???

All scene is perfect - but what is intention…


Looks very realistic! Great texturing! )


Great work and lovely place!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Absolutely stunning work.
I love the Details and the textures.
This pic is extremely realistic…
Keep it up 5 stars!


…lovely, believeable and calm scene, fine rendered…as mentioned above, it remember me on holidays by my grandma too… I love it :slight_smile:
(for the feeling I gave u mucho starzzz…)
Keep posting such fine works again, dude…

-cheerZ- :wavey:


Beautiful scene! Textures are amazing, especially I love window :slight_smile: Congratz


looks great! I like the old effect


What else can one say , but excellent !


thats great. i like the old style, it really give the scence.
Good luck!:thumbsup:


beatiful image! congrats


Really like this scene, awsome work.:thumbsup:


Beautiful… love the onion :slight_smile: