Old game character redesign - Tesse


I finally finished the color maps, and started to paint the specular. And made some changes on her eyes, trying to make them more believable but still threatening. Now they have structure with iris and pupils.

No lights

MR render


No comments anymore? :frowning:

Well, this is a drastic change on her eyes. Suggested by a fellow on Polycount. I don’t know about you, but I love it.


its a good change. Now it’s look a lot more believable. The alpha on the end of hair need work. there is frame on the end of them.


I agree with MrEric and his comment about the alpha. I also agree with your decision to change the eyes, they look really great now. This project has come a long way. You’re close to finishing the modeling and texturing, but are you going to rig her too?

Great work :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. I’ll fix the alpha soon.
Yes, I’m going to rig her. I want to see her making some devilish poses and expressions :slight_smile:


I really like that you re-did the eyes. The whole model/texture is looking VERY nice now.


nice work, I like that wakawaka fighting game I didn’t really care for this dolly character that much but you seem to have done a good job brushing it out into 3d, again good work. also nice to see someone trying to put their all behind the textures.


Wonderful work on the texture, love the new eyes, way better.
Only crit would be her lips, they look too narrow - would be good if you could make them a little wider.
Is this only a colour map or normal map too?


Hi guys, Thanks for commnets and sorry for delay on reply. Last days were a bit busy too me.

@ Kleptomaniac: Just color maps. I wanted that she looked simple like an anime girl, and gave up of using normal maps.

There goes some rigging I did, as well as the weapon’s texture. Pose is provisional, I’ll think in something better later. And rigging… well, I’m not a master of rig, So any advices are welcome.

Weapon texture


Slightly diferent angle


Great work, nice pose too :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble with her weapon, it seems too big and heavy to be used with just one hand, and if it’s two handed, there’s no place for her other hand. It could be just me, but that’s the impression I’m getting. Keep it up, great work!


Hi Amauri,

Your character has turned out really well. Looking really great. Since this pose is a temp pose, only thing I can say is that the deformations in that pose looks pretty good. One thing I just noticed though, in your Tesse_15.jpg image, the tip of her shoes on the left leg has a concave curve. Maybe some technical issues with the rig?

As for the weapon, really nice textures and for the design wise, I have to say, I half agree with you XTitan. For one, this character is a robot, so even if the weapon looks over sized it shouldn’t affect her. Also, characters with unrealistic oversized weapons are not very uncommon in Japanese anime. After all, it’s all fantasy. The thing that I do agree with you though is the 2 hand aspects of it. I was just thinking how she would use the weapon with just 1 hand, and in my personal opinion, I think it’s going to look odd for her to not use her other hand when she does some special moves for instance. So the suggestion I have is to make the handle longer, enough room for her other hand.

Just out of curiousity, will you be playing with materials and the likes? Like making the weapon’s material metalic and what not and also will you be playing with special effects like adding electricity on her antennas like in your very first concept?

All in all, great job! Keep it up!


Diggin’ the model! if only I can texture as good as you…

one thing bothering me though, on the couple last render, the leg silhoutte is not very smooth, perhaps you can add a couple edge loops to keep the curvature.


Thanks for your replies, fellows.

XTitan: Hum… I hadn’t stoped to think how she will use this weapon. About the weight, don’t worry, she’s an android, and is strong enough to handle. But about the moves she can do I agree with you and orrochi, it will be good if she had place for use two hands, like if the weapon were a spear. I’ll fix it later.

orrochi: Hi Kevin :slight_smile: Thanks for visiting my thread. As I said above, I’ll fix the weapon, to make it more useful. The tip of shoe is looking square, and I think I’ll add a new division there. It’s curving in a really strange way. About the weapon, I forgot to make a specular map for it, I think a map will make it look a bit more shiny.
And yes, I’ll add some special effects, like eletricity. On the game, her special moves are almost all eletricity based, and I want to see them here too.

daft-crut: Yeah, I don’t like those angular edges too. I’ll add some divisions later to make her a bit smoother.


So, there goes my finals, unless you guys have yet something to crit.

My uvs and color maps:

Notice that there are some empty areas on layout… I had the intention to make a pet for my girl, but I gave up the idea. I’ve been working on this model for 2 months… I really want to go for something new…

Maya viewport, wires.

Same thing, without wires.

Four lights (diretional + 3 point lights), no Ray trace. I didn’t like this render…

FG render

A big render of weapon, showing new handle and specular. Click on image, to see a bigger version.

and that’s it. Thank you very much for everybody that help me to make this model. :thumbsup:


Hey this looks nice! i realy like the weapon and the flash. how did you do that? did you use a glow “shader”?

the long hair instead schould be overworked. at the moment it looks like clothing or something but not like wild hair. use more transparancy (better alphamap) and make it look less squarish. so make the straight borders disapear with the alphamap.


Nice piece, somewhat stereotypical character but the weapon came out very nicely, good luck :slight_smile:


That is awesome… don’t know about you, but what if one of the sides of her hair covers her eye? I noticed in the original both of her eyes are covered, but since this is a reimagining and all…


Great work, nice end result. I enjoyed following this one’s progress!


PeterZbinden: Glad you like it, man. About the hair, I’ll leave it this way,
because the original char has a straight cut on her hair, and I want to go the same way.
About the flash, this is a dynamic effect of Maya (lightning). But basically is just geometry with a material with high values of ambient color and glow intensity. When you animate, it shakes like a real lightning, and that’s cool :slight_smile:

requiem2d: Thanks man.

Ramza24: Thanks for watching, dude. I’ve already tried to do this, but I didn’t like the results… She loses a lot of her expressivity with one eye covered.

XTitan: And I enjoyed all your help during the development. Thanks!


Well done Amuri, great piece of work.