Old game character redesign - Tesse


Hi guys. I’m new at low poly modeling, so I’d appreciate some crits on this work.
I’m doing an old game char redesign, for a challenge (@www.3d4all.org). I chose Tesse, from the little known “Waku Waku 7” arcade fighting game. There goes some images:

The original character:

My redesign of her (bad and anime style):

Basic mesh of body:

Mesh with clotes, almost complete:

Any help or tips with edge loops, refinements, or whatever are pretty welcome. Thanks in advance.


looks good so far


Look forward to seeing it textured :smiley:


I think the model looks awsome. I’ve never played the game but are her eyes always covered by her hair? I think if you are doing a redesign that’s a pretty important characteristic to include.

I like the new sexy outfit but not really feeling the missing stocking. I’m looking forward to see how this turns out.


Looks good so far, nice interpretative concept, except if her hair is really blond maybe you should keep it blond too.


Nice one, I really like the new touches on the design.


Thanks for your replies, guys.

JuddWack: The original character has a lovely and submisse personality hence the hair over the eyes, and the shy and bowing posture. What I’m doing is a rebel and little insane version of her. In the game, her dream is to became human. I’m doing her version after she had become human, and has grown a little (it’s a teenager). Now she got corrupted by her own powers and for your seductiveness. As an little evil and crazy person, I think she needs her eyes free, to help me to trasmit this feelings. But I agree in part with you. In my first thmbnails, I tried to make her fringe more proeminent, but didn’t like the results. Maybe I can try to find some kind of solution later for this.

Roja: Great point, as a teenager it’s strange to see her with white hair. I’ll modify this. :thumbsup:

Next update will come soon…


Just a suggestion toward the concept. If you’re trying to portray a rebellious personality in part by uncoverng the eyes I would make it a point to make the eyes very powerful. Because they were previously covered it is important to draw attention to them now by making them unnaturally saturated, an unnatural color, or giving them unnaturally high contrast. Also, to go along with the assymetry you might consider the idea of one sleave covering the shoulder (on the opposite side from the covered leg). I’m not exactly sure if it would look right; it’s just an idea I had.


Thanks monkeynutz. After all you guy inputs, I’ll make another painting, and re-think about her colors.

But for now modeling is complete. On the challenge we have 10000 tris as limit. She and her weapon are using 6000. I’ll problably use the 4000 remaining to do a pet for her. I’m thinking in do an little eletric dragon… What do you think?


She looks good. Can’t really see anything to crit about. Maybe just fix that vertex that sticks out under her groin region (see the first wire shot). You can’t really see it with her clothes on but i’m assuming there’ll be “accidental” pantsu shots :smiley:


Kleptomaniac: When you posted, I’ve alredy fixed that. Anyway, thanks!

Sorry for such delay in answer… I was trying to figure out how to make normal maps work on Maya. It seems there’s no easy way to attach a normal map in a material without having trouble. Now I’m using JS NormalMapper node, and it looks to work fine. But my sculpture on ZBrush is lacking details, because it seems my computer don’t deal well with models with more than 1,000,000 polys. I’m working to solve this now…
Comments are appreciated.

This is my Zbrush model. It lacks more details yet…

I started texturing. Skin is looking plastic yet, but soon I will work the texture better, as well as add a specular map.

And here, I’d appreciated an opinion. I should follow my initial concept, or make this blonde approach, as suggested by Roja?


I personally like the blond hair better but i think the Ear muff things get lost in the blonde hair because their a similar color, if you keep it blonde you might want to change them to white or something that will stand out.

Its up to you tho, because you initially intended to use the concept you created for reference. You created an evil older variation of tesse, and its a pretty sweet concept. Either way she looks awesome man.

My only real crit tho is that her dress is a really bright blue compared to the concept you made and I like the darker color of her dress in the concept its more evilish.


Thanks Gusgus. But I heard some people, and I believe her hair will stay white, it gives her a more evil look. Although blonde made a better contrast with her dress.

Anyway, as I wasn’t satifised with the direction this project was taking, because she was looking a bit childish, I decided to restart in another approach. This time I made a new concept, with more adult facial features, and slight volume changes on her body, to make her more attractive.

Then I rebuild her geometry, to better represent this new shapes. I want make a consistent model, that look good aside of colors, normal or other kind of maps.

And here’s the coloured version. Unfortunately, I lost a good part of my previous mapping, so I’m going to map and paint textures again. But no problem, if this make her look better :slight_smile:


Veery nice, wish I had such skills in coloring an design.
Small crits: the brown “thing” on her arm; i dont like it, first i cant really see what it is:P secondly it is very lowpoly, which spoils the illusion of the char being pretty highp.
Same thing with the legs, they could use a couple more splits. I just think its so nice when you cant see any polygon edges:)

thumbs up!



Very nice work, I like the grownup one much better, I think the face got distorted during her maturity :slight_smile: her lips seem to be sticking too far away from her face. Just a small tweak but people look at the face the most :slight_smile:


Hakanpersson: Thanks. I’ll fix the polygon edges on my next up. About the brown thing, hehe, I’ll give more detail, dont worry, it’s just a bracelete.

XTitan: Thanks too. I pushed her lips a little, but I’m not sure if it’s good enough yet. Please give me your opinion.

For this up, main changes are on uvmapping and colors. I started to paint her new textures, but they are just on start, so don’t worry about the poor quality. I’ll give more details for hair, clothes and skin. I just wanted to see how she was, with darker and pale colors. To me she looks much more evilish! And closer to the original concept. What about you?


I like how this is progressing. You added some extra details to her outfit around the bodice, and overall it’s looking great. The white hair really does fit the more evil look.


The lips look much better, and I like the new color scheme, I’m not familiar with the original character/concept but I like the way this looks. it’s a bit hard to tell but the chin appears to come to a point/bump just below the lips, I think that should be smoother. Again, very nice progress :slight_smile: keep it up


I agree with Xtitan on both his points, the lips look much better, however the chin does seem to form a point below the lips which if you look closely gives her a double chinned look, and I’m thinking thats not the effect you were going for.

Perhaps if you moved it to point a bit more down instead of outward, I’ve never done a manga-type character in 3d so I’m not sure what would look correct.


Hi guys. Thanks for your feedback and sorry for my disappering.

I made some tweaks on her chin, but not sure if it’s good enough. Maybe i’ll add some more tris on that region, to work better on it. By now, I have my color maps almost done. just need some more tweaks on her and little adjustments. No specular maps yet.

No light (Maya’s viewport)

MR renders (cause my first game models deserves!)

By the way, do you guys know some software I can use to preview her like she would appear in a real game engine? Is there some plugin in Maya with this purpose?