Old fart, Piotr Slomowicz (3D)


Title: Old fart
Name: Piotr Slomowicz
Country: Poland

This head was my comeback to rendering as displaying basic models doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Nor do I feel like butchering models down to lowpoly for my portfolio.
Relearning rendering was pain. Initially I was doing it with mental fail however at some point it flat out refused to render so I had to switch to 3delight. At least I could slap subpixel displacements on everything.


Lighting is AO + several lights. No GI unfortunatelly because color bleeding didn’t want to work with skin at this stage and I don’t feel like waiting for a bugfix.


Fantastic Work! Just amazing!
Geometry, Materials, Shaders and Lighting - perfect!

Love It! :wink:


Love it! Very “hard boiled”. maybe lighting is not that much appealing, even if “correct”. Trying a version in a night street with neons maybe?
Like in this image:


Excellent job !! Real nice modeling light and shading.Congratulation, Keep it up…!!


it looks great & realistic


excellent stuff.


i like it

could you share the normal map settings from zbrush


Great job!Deserves front page.


Good modeling but key light could be little brighter I think it’s to dark. also you could add some specularity on face.


Fantastic! :thumbsup:


good started,

very good modeling face & very nice skin but by the cloth & light hes need more work ok

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Wow stunning work. Phantastic modeling great textures and amazing lighting. I love the colors and the style of the picture! Thumbs up!



Good to see a 3d character with actual character.

Only crit is the tooth pick looks quite sharp compared to the rest of the image. But that is being reallllyyy picky.

also you could add some specularity on face.

Looks fine to me, just the right amount of rim. Did you use just the standard skin shader that comes with 3delight?


for me… frontpage stuff!!

take care



Totally fantastic image, great modeling, text and shader. Awesome!


Love it! Why isn´t it in front page yet?


That is just amazing. For me brightness is just fine, add more ‘feel’ to the image.
Agree, front page material to me.


just great! may someone put this onto the fpage?! :wink:


Good skills…:beer:


wspaniale, excellent work!