Old Erhu Player


Hi all, I’m starting a new illustration, gonna work on my shaders and zbrush for this one.


Here’s my progress thus far…

I’m working in Maya for this one, I wish to improve primarily on my texturing and my shaders, and I’ll work using zbrush effectively on this old dude…



Heh, I like the expression on this guy. Very nice lineflow too.
Keep it up!


Been a pretty long time since I updated on this old geezer… Here’s one now. Working on the arms right now, but I think the back could use a bit more work, especially the shoulder blades. All C&C appreciated always!

pap87 - Thanks dude!


Very nice progress, waiting to see more.
The expression indeed matches the one in the 2nd and mostly 3rd concept.
I think the eyes need to have more depth though.


carmelhadinosaur - Hi thanks for the feedback. This character is Asian, so his eye sockets won’t be as deep-set as say, and American, but I have tweaked that area to make the bone definition better. Your compliments much appreciated a well!

Here’s an update of my Erhu man.

Pretty much done with almost the whole character, pending a few extra accessories and of course his Erhu. I hope u all like it so far!

Keet Mun


I think you made his chest look like a woman’s :P. I really like it man!, nice expression,


verry nice start, and good idea !


Good Job on that face Man,

I’d say tone down on the size of them Man Boobs really :p. Honestly, I think a skinny ah pek with little or no tits and a beer belly like what you have in your drawing would work much better heheh



Drowned-Fish - haha yes it looks like a woman’s now… Thanks!

p0lym0rph - Thanks mate

Lamster - Hey there again! Yes I cant help but think you’re right about the boobs. The thought was in my head but I couldnt seem to get myself to address the problem… Will make changes thanks!


Hey all here’s a little update with the refinement’s suggested to me:

I toned down on his man tits and enlarged his belly slightly. Past few days been constructing his other accessories and the chair he sits on.

For those who saw my concept, I’m changing his environment somewhat, as u can see with the addition of a chinese stool. I’m changing the environment because I won’t be able to finish it before I enlist for my 2-year compulsory army stint in a few months. But the essence of my illustration will remain intact, with the addition of a somewhat different bg. Will be back with some texturing and shading.



I’ve been zbrushing his upper body for quite a while now. I struggled with the maya>zbrush>maya workflow a bit at the beginning, but I’m rather comfortable with it now. Here’s a closeup of the progress on his face…

I’ve still got the little details like the skin pores and whatnot, will do those soon! Also got to refine the rest of the upper body.

Oh, and C&C always appreciated!

Cheers people


I’ve been working on the skin shader the past few nights, here’s a still:

I’m using mentalray fast skin as usual… but I’ve included little things like ambient occlusion in diffuse and epidermal layers… Used face luminance node to get a bit more red in between the light and dark areas. Also using the sammpler info node’s facing ratio to get a stronger bump on the edges of the model. Picked up from tutorials i found over the net.

Still have to refine the displacement/bump map and paint the colour map. Will update soon.

Cheers guys!


Hey all,

I’ve finished texturing the skin for the old man, and more or less finalised the shader as well. Here’s a still…

This was a test render, mixing HDRI lighting with 2 spotlights, render time was about 45 minutes. Will now move on to texturing/shading the accompanying objects and do the environment.

Cheers guys!


Textures/colors need work, but other than that, this looks great. I’m holdin 5 stars for you. :slight_smile:

kiu (keep it up)


hi friend, havent seen this…im happy to find it…the first imagess showing the modeling on zbrush are really good mate…really love the modeling, u get better each work u do…:thumbsup:

i think skin need some more saturation…but is going cool…ill be watching this one…cu:)


Kurosaki Ichigo - Hi, wow 5 stars that’s great encouragement for me, I really appreciate it! Yeah I agree I must fix the texture colour still. Will try my best!

rattlesnake - Thanks for the compliments my friend, I really feel encouraged now, coming from you! Yeah will fix the skin real soon, you keep rocking too!


lol, funny looking oldman :slight_smile: keep it up~


Wow Keetmun, I love this lil old dude, especially the structure of his face, very expressive of his age, love his oldmanboobs too and the sss on the render is tight!

Interested to see how far you can push this…


zhy - Thanks!

DaddyMack - Thanks mate, I’m looking to tweak the SSS still, but I appreciate the encouragement man.

Cheers guys