Old bridge, Dmitry Grebenkov (2D)


Title: Old bridge
Name: Dmitry Grebenkov
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

This is my last personal work.
For this work i was inspired when i was walking in the forest, near the place where i live ) The lighting was awesome! This work is a try to show what i seen there.
Hope you like it XD
All done in PS, about 10 hours, no refs used.


Smooth lightning and colors,my only critique would be about the background,

You made a bridge with rocks but the background is a simple valley,I think something like the “grand canyon” would fit better with the structure you added in the foreground and might add a bit more depth.

Otherwise, nice work! :slight_smile:


Interesting bridge. I especially like the lighting.


Very good lighting…but it would b more good if u can add some character for size comparison…:slight_smile:


beautiful my man


really beautiful,love the atmosfer!


love the serene mood!


I like especially foliage painting


beautiful atmosphere & depth too!Get zen indeed by watching it :slight_smile:


Very nice color, composition and atmosphere. Very nice balance between light and shadow also. Good job! :thumbsup:


Many thanks to you all! I’m glad that you like my landscape ^___^

2Majora28 Maybe canyon valley will add more deep for a background… Or maybe it will overload background with details, kill composition and take many attention from major things… I’ll keep “add more deep” in my mind for a next my artworks. Thanks )

2naresh maybe so… i just forgot about characters while paint this work, lol


This is an amazing picture. The sense of light and depth is quite realistic. And that you painted it without reference photos is impressive. Congratulations.


Very beautiful.


Nice lighting and colors!
love the atmosphere


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