Ok who needs more time?


I am willing to give until next Friday (the 19th)
If you are interested Just reply to this thread?
If I get 3 replies I will do this.



I for one would appreciate a few days more


I wanted to finish this weekend but I had a router at work decide to die on me so that ate up quite a few hours. Still, I will plan for Monday and use what ever extra time you give to improve the final entry.


Time would be much appreciated!


Yes! Been sick with the common cold that evolved into sinusitis, so I haven’t been able to work on my model for 3 weeks… :frowning: Still not sure if I can finnish, but I will at least have a chance.


See you on Staurday Morning people…


We just had our first child so I"ll have to let this one go :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone!



My wife is also expecting our first.
We need to share notes…




Congrats to you!! It’s been a crazy ride so far, but worth it.