Ok I have an interesting question for you...


You are working on a project of yours for about 1,5 - 2 months!
This is for your porfolio only, no client is involved!
While your work is almost on the finish line , you lose all of of your data and no back up was ever made! :banghead:

The question is : What will you do then!




After you are done crying…you need to look into some data recovery tools. I have used these people before http://www.ontrack.com and they will do a diagnosis for a Hundered bucks.

How exactly did this happen?

On the lighter side is that you just learn a very valuable lesson.


Instead of crying, laugh it off. Things like this happen with computers. It happens to everyone.

And you learned a valuable lesson. Never again will you fail to make backups.


Your hard-drive crashed out!
No recovery will ever save you!
:banghead: :banghead:



i hit OTHER

evaluate whether or not what you were working on is what you want to do or if you’ve come up with a better idea in the past few months.
while they are doing a data recovery on your other stuff… BRAINSTORM

plan whatever you decide to do out… get a backup system… kick it back into high gear incorporating what you’ve learned… it shouldnt take as long this time to make AND should be of a better quality because you’ve spent the last few months planning it out


Stand up, walk to the kitchen, make some tea. Spend a few minutes trying to solve a world problem (War, starvation etc.) Go out and buy a lotto ticket, chances are it’s your turn.
Get back to the computer. Stretch and start all over again. This time with backup cd:s once a week on the important stuff.

lost some pictures and new projects in a Hardware failure recently. Had most of my stuff on cd though, but I know the feeling when it all fall apart. Keep it up. Drink some tea.

Everyone falls, it’s just a failure if you don’t stand up.



Learn that a cd costs 25p - £1 (for a rewritable) and can save your valuable data that took you 2 months to nearly finish?

Also I’d have another option in your poll,

Count the experience as a learning point, Start a new project utilising things you’ve learnt, and start making daily or at least weekly backups,


it usually takes something like that to remind you to always back up everything…cds or dvds are alot cheaper then your sanity when everything on the harddrive, just for no reason, disappears…and for what most of us do here, we rely on computers…but hey they suck ok…it seems they know if you have worked alot and haven’t backed anything up and thats when they choose to go out on you…sorry


Your hard-drive crashed out!
No recovery will ever save you!

You’d be surprised how damaged a hard drive has to be before you can’t recover anything off of it.

Mine died a while back, seriously… Made horrible ticking noises while it ran… Stuck it in the freezer for a night and I managed to get a good half hour to recover data off of it before it died for good.

I’m STILL trying to get data off of the old fileserver hard drive. The only thing that’s keeping me is the fact that I don’t have the space to store it all…


Sierra use to quote in their games, “Save early, Save often!”
Or in your case Backup early Backup Often.
Print a big A4 page and stick it on your wall to remind you this basic thing. If you love your work, be afraid for your work, develop the insane mentality that if the building catches fire, the first thing you will take will be your backup cds. You have no excuse not to backup unless its either buying cds or buying something to eat.
That said, ta syllyphthria moy synadelfe. Vres to koyragio na xekinhseis apo thn arxh, kai na to kaneis kalytera ayth thn fora! :slight_smile:

Edit: It happened to me once as well. I lost my 6 month graduate project this way. Of course cd writers were costing a fortune these days, but if i knew what was coming, i’d buy those few dosen floppy disks needed.


Your project made baby Jesus cry. It’s a sign that you need to move on.


Aye, yes, it sucks a buttload whenyou lose all that work but it tends to happen sometimes that when you start a project from scratch again you’ve improved from the experience of the first time and you do it better and faster the second time around :buttrock:

regards, Paul


Please if other specify!

I would personally start the project again but with slower beat!
When you are working on something many hours (8-10) the day and for 2 months you start getting bored with this project!

If you are going to start the project the very next day with the same beat, congratulation, you have some neat patience!

Keep on “polling” guys!
:wip: :wip: :wip:


I certainly stop working on it for good. Come to think about it, that frequently happens to me even when there’s no lost data involved :lightbulb


buy a mac? :smiley:


I assume you have a huge wip folder too my friend!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I don’t believe that mac’s hard drive has something different!
When you play with electricity you get burned!

(and don’t tell me about ups or something)
That is something that happened, now what???


First, make sure the hard drive is REALLY dead. Try putting in another hard drive and load Windows onto it to boot from. Leave your old hard drive on your machine to see if you might be able to still get some data off it.

Just a week ago my computer wouldnt start and said it couldn’t find my hard drive. I stuck a new one in there and set it to master and my old one to slave. Then I installed Win 2000 on my new one. Everything worked great and I was able to still access the old harddrive before I dropkicked across the backyard.


i am utterly clueless about anything to do with technology really, but my computer crashes all the time, the main hd disappears as an option to click on in explorer from time to time, etc etc.

a while after reformatting it twice in a week, it simply stopped turning on… :hmm: hehe

i was so freaked out cuz like there were no backups of it, and all my school docs/ max files (that i had been working on since february, that’s like 5 months worth) are on it

turns out my hd was completed screwy and we tossed it, but my dad managed to salvage the files somehow…

so it’s possible maybe to find them :slight_smile: