Ok guys, Who needs more time?


You all knew this was coming.

I can give until Wednesday of Next week.

I will do it if we get a lest 3 people on board.



I’m done with this HMC, but for the sake of others who have struggled to find time then count my vote for a deadline extension.


I need it.
I could cobble something together if necessary but I’d rather finish the job.


Gwan, give em all more time. Say a week. Would be good to see more finals.


Gwan, give em all more time. Say a week. Would be good to see more finals.


Hey, Rob, any chance of seeing a basic model of your concept? That was really good.


OK guys.

I will something unprecendented.

I am going to SIGGRAPH next week (Cross Country by Train)

so the question is,
do I post the voting thread next week on Friday, and wait two weeks to post the results
(Since I will NOT be online much)

Give you guys that time to tweak your entries.

Your call guys.



Hi Roberto,

I would vote for giving the extra two weeks to allow for tweaking.
I think Ray himself would encourage all participants to complete their works and if he is watching would really like to see the finished products of their efforts as would many of us who are simply watching from the sidelines

Most entrants have other main occupations and outside concerns
that make each individual entrant’s time available most likely less than equal to each other’s time across the board,

The aspect of this competition being a time frame constraint might be less important than allowing those who are participating enough time to show a closer to finished product than what we currently are seeing. Looks like an a extra 2 weeks would allow a few of the entries to get some textures created.

Happy belated Birthday Ray!


Agreed with above…

Boone, once the renders are done I will let you see quicktimes of the full shots.


Well, I am currently staying up until all hours of the night trying to get this thing finished quickly. I was getting loopy at work today. Extra time would do me good. Plus I know that once the challenge is done (like DONE done) I probably won’t work on this any more. I really want to finish it properly with everything I planned as a fitting tribute to a man who inspired me so much as a kid.

But I want to be fair to those who finished on time so I will wait for their opinion.

Okay, back to painting. :arteest:


either way works for me.


New Dateline
July 31st!

Have fun guys.



Enjoy Siggraph, Roberto. :cool:


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