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It’s hard to give feedback without knowing anything about these characters, who they are, what role they play in the story, what the premise is, etc.


Accountant who steal client’s money.He is deeply in debt.

Thanks nice feedback.

I attach story to sketch.


That’s not much to go on, but at least we know who that one character is (although you already posted a bunch of other characters who we know nothing about, or what the basic premise of the story is even about). Overall I think you have a distinct style in your character designs, and I don’t see any egregious problems. Whether the designs are appealing is a subjective matter, and has a lot to do with how well the style matches the tone of the story.

One thing you do have to be careful about, is when a style has built-in quirky proportions as part of the signature look, it can be difficult to depict characters who are supposed to be objectively attractive. We see this problem often in even famous I.P.s (intellectual properties). You might want to experiment with trying to depict characters like that and see if your chosen style will limit your ability to depict such characters.


suitman He has trouble with the left hand. IQ 120

To tell the truth,I don’t think the basic premise of the story yet. As for drawing style , I forget drawing technique because I could not use time for drawing.

I decide drawing style after 3 month. My aiming is Def Darrow + Philip K Dick.



Drug milk machine Cow’s lifetime is ten days


Sanitary inspector He is fastidious.


Soldier He can’t understand literature.


Creature that evolve from insect Weak point is cold.


Fridge robot This robot stopped production in 3 days.


Sheriff He love power.


Zombi He remember using money.


Alcoholic He prefer sake to beer.


Commander His daughter is a pacifist.


Blue collar worker He has a toothache.


An old man He cling to past glories.


If you’re serious about creating a graphic novel, you really need to work on the storytelling. Come up with a premise and a set of conflicts that provides the dramatic structure for your story. Characters need arcs (even if it’s a flat arc), and you also need to have themes that you want to explore–the main ideas that’s the heart and soul of your story. If you don’t have any of that, creating random characters won’t really help you get closer to creating a graphic novel. Creative writing/storytelling takes just as much work as art, if not more, so you do have to put in the time and energy to learn storytelling techniques and actually write the story (in your case, character profiles, synopsis, outline, script, etc.).

Also, to do a graphic novel you need to be able to draw backgrounds, and in your story you’ll have different environments you need to design–from room interiors, public spaces, streets, buildings, vehicles, weapons, landscapes, etc. It’ll be very important to be able to draw everything that will appear in your story in any possible camera angle, so you need to make sure you have a strong understanding of perspective.


Unmanned room
I thought story.It is Spaceman who put octopus on the head.
fairy tale by Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes change into Sci-Fi.
Emperor change into Spaceman.
Clothes change into Octopus.
Theme is Doubts beget Doubts.
I will start drawing environments and gadget.


V8 twin turbo