Ohayo!, Dmitry Popov (2d)


Title: Ohayo!

Name: Dmitry Popov

Yumi - the main character for my own project “Isle of Winds”
Huh… I think, that it was the longest of my drawings.
original image size 2307x3240px
OpenCanvas 3.06
>> Making timelapse <<


Top Notch!!!

Extremely well executed illustration!



really nice work man i did not know you could produce such high level work in open canvas 10/10 ace


fantastic work…:thumbsup: .



wow, so much depth & detail, the colors/shading look great!


Nice work indeed!
I like a lot the angle of your shot and the colors


Fabulous work! composition, color, technique, its all there!


Wow! fantastic work, the depth and design feel great …any more work to show off?!


Hi,Jetto!Even though I don’t feel like typing,today,I just had to drop u a line complimenting your work.Five stars from me:thumbsup:


top stuff.great angle, nice palette
congratz :slight_smile:


I must crying when I see this beautiful picture!

Great work in every way, 5 stars without another words. :applause:


Hot damn this is lovely.

Looks like a still from an animation. Beautiful work.

Love the compisition :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: ace dude!



Its simply "Jett"acular :bounce:


That’s really really good. How did you get the perspective so good. This seems like it was from done from scratch. I love the color!! You should call this “window seat” It’s sooo Japanese, I LOVE THAT COLOR!


wow… realy Awesome work!!

congratulations… nice colors and the girl looks hot…:thumbsup:

five***** for me!


ah, linework is so clean. Love the colors too!


Holy S**t!

Thats amazing! The scale and perspective is just giddying, the detail and design is stunning and the colours are fantastic. Really appealing character too. I seriously cant find anthing negative about this at all, and the style of it is right up my street!

If you dont get a frontpage for this, ill eat my none-existent hat!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 5 stars, and well deserved

ps - you said the original image is much bigger - any chance of posting this? Id love to see the details on that airbase - it looks so damn good, it seems 3d rendered!


Very clean look, works well with the style. Good sense of depth and motion, Sensual without being indulgent. The image clearly tells a story. Great job.


OMG! :eek: Superb piece of work :buttrock: