Oh my god, a nuke thread


About time. To get things rolling, here are some training videos:



Hah finally, here it is! :slight_smile:
Well, to keep the ball rolling: http://www.fxguide.com/fxguidetv.html has a few pretty good nuke features (contains some that are on the foundry youtube channel too btw)

Just recently had some time to check out some of the Gnomon workshop DVD’s, they’re a pretty good jumpstart if you’re interested in learning nuke. (fxphd has some classes on it too, haven’t had any time to check them out)


Hi all,

Please post all training and resource threads to the sticky above:


So much for starting a new uhh… only thread lol


I’m excited! I use Nuke all the time; 3D rendering is just way too slow for my tastes & sometimes lacking in flexibility.


Wow this really made my day. They finally added a nuke channel!


Nuke Nukity Nuke! :thumbsup:


Seeing as this thread is basically mirroring the jubilation in the welcome thread i’m closing it. Happy nuke posting. :slight_smile: