Oh God!, Alon Chou (2D)


Title: Oh God!
Name: Alon Chou
Country: Taiwan
Software: Photoshop

Hey, this is my “Strange Behavior” entry, thanks a lot for many friends in this challenge who give me many comments and helps.

it’s also the hardest work I have done so far, because it’s so many characters here, and I did lots effort on the people’s facial expressions, movement, and the way they interact with each other.

the story is: a servant was trying to pour a glass of wine for the king, but the mischievous goddess from the wall painting crack a joke on him by rising his hand and pour the wine onto the king’s head. The servant was terrified and didn’t know why this happened and what to do, the others terrified too and hurried to get out of the way, because they knew – he is dead for sure…

Thank you guys, Best wishes for you,



One of the strongest, if not THE strongest piece in the challenge!
I congratulate you, this is outstanding! :applause:


I LOVE the facial expressions.And the lights and the background are so beautiful.
This one os one of my favorite!
Great Job!


Hey Alon, as I’ve told before it’s a magnificent piece! Details are all superb, there’s so much effort on it. That’s compeletely a cheerful scene, well congratulations again! Best wishes! Cheers!


For some reasons it reminds me the work of Norman Rockwell! I dunno, maybe the set-up? Great piece! Good luck in the contest! You get a 10 from me!


A 5 star piece! Outstanding! Beautiful! The dynamics of all the characters are superb! FIVE BIG STARS FROM ME!


Master work! +5


hey Alon, I already said this but Ill say it again: youve done a masterpiece man, very impressive
the composition, the rendering, the mood; everything fits in this picture, big congratulations from me
5 stars for sure


I loved the the painting already without the crazy amazing details:thumbsup: Great concept!


You just couldn’t have made the expressions any better. Wowzers. Great piece, very playful, very pretty!


As I told you already magnificent work, Alon!

Great technique, wonderful idea, great sense of humor. :thumbsup:

…and you have my 5 stars, of course, if this one doesn’t deserve a CG choice I don’t know what does.


Outstanding painting! *****


Hey Alon, man man man wonderfull piece. Your Pic is full of life, it makes so much fun to explore all the details. Again 10 Stars from me… :slight_smile:
But one point, I think only in my opinion is, some parts are looking to “airbrushy”. Sorry I hope no one is annoyed about this, especialy you Alan :slight_smile: !


Hi Alon,
Amazing painting!! I love the way you work with the light, the details and the expressions!! Masterpiece!! and very funny!! :smiley:

Congrats, man!!


Magnificent work…5*


Absolutely and utterly fantastic picture. 5ive stars without any hesitation :]
It should be show at art schools as practical use of Subsurface Scattering :smiley:


This is absolutely amazing! Excellent work, good luck in the contest!
5 stars


I love it, amazing! Great job, the facial expressions and poses are perfect!


Technique, concept, expressions and execution… simply masterful. My hat is off.


This is just incredible. Im awe struck at the detail and the concept which is fantastic!