ogre woman


this is my latest work, it´s made using 3ds max, it’s the first time I use hair and SSS shaders :P.
Please I need some C&C…
I started learning 3d in maya on my own 3 years ago, but I’m using 3ds max since June.


I have some updates :smiley:
what do you think??


I really like it. I’m not sure about whatever hair plug or feature you’re using with 3d max, it seems to be really lacking a bump. It looks more like it was painted in than 3d. Also, she has some pretty smooth skin for an orge woman. You might add a few wrinkles or something to the skin or maybe a wart or two. Just some thoughts.


However, I must say the new hairdo you gave her is tons better than the first one. Great job.


It looks really nice! I think the ears need some attention and i think you should make the bridge of the nose less blocky. Good job though. Keep it up!


thx for your answers :smiley:

rcg3d: Im using the default 3ds hair tools, just watch this screen:

And im working in the bumpmap to get a little more dirty skin, but I’m afraid its too subtle. And tried to fix the ears :stuck_out_tongue:

hazzadus: I tryed to scale the bridge of the nose a bit but not much because i really wanted it that way…

A friend of mine hinted that the distance between the eyebrows and the upper lip is too big and I guess he might be right at least for a common person because he is studying arts…xD


I added some noise maps to the shaders and now I think skin is far better, it has less plastic look, isn’t it?


looks good i ain’t got no crits now keep doing what ya doing


Hey Juan
She’s definetevely a cute ogre woman… I think the project is going pretty well. Her skin is looking a little plastic yet, in my opinion. Have you made a specular map for her? And about the bump, can you post a close of skin? I have the impression that the bump is too subtle to notice, I want to see if I’m wrong. About modeling, no crits :thumbsup:.


here you got: a couple of close shots and the specular map I used in my sss shader… please I would be glad to hear what’s wrong. Do you think is it what gives it the plastic look?


Model looks great overall, i like her character quite a bit, just a few spots seem weird. Obviously she’s not human, but she’s close, and the neck muscles look very odd. If the ridges on the font of the neck connecting to the collarbone are the mastoids, they need to connect back underneath the ear and behind the jaw, and the traps need to connect farther back behind the neck. If they are skin folds hanging under the chin, the way they connect to the jaw seems unnatural. Try looking at reference of old wrinkly people :stuck_out_tongue:

hope i helped! : )


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