Ogre, Johan Vikstrom (3D)


Title: Ogre
Name: Johan Vikstrom
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya, mental ray, Mudbox, VRay


Been working on this one on and off since february. I made it while evalutating mudbox 2011 and maya 2011 so he has seen a few bugs :slight_smile: Finally took the time to finish him. The design comes from the great artist Christer Sveen. You can find his art at: http://www.christersveen.com/
I have deviated some from his design, but kept most of the key features.
Detail modelling/texturing is made in mudbox. Final render is 4k, I used Vray for beauty pass and mental ray for the support passes and hair/fur. Comp was done in nuke. I cropped a frame from the bust image to show here. The full size bust can be found here:

Thanks for watching!

Cheers J


Lovely piece of work, the design and sculpt are superb, I also really like the subtle hair pass on top, congrats!


nice modeling!


I like it, could you post an explanation on how those little micro furs or hair pass on his skin? I was always curious about how it’s done


Very nice, a little more texture work and it would be a lot nicer :slight_smile:


Nicely done! I love the combination of the character with the photoreal environment and lighting :slight_smile: Well done!


Nicely rendered skin. The lines on his face are awesome!! Great character! Congrats!


Thanks for the positive feedback! The hairs are quite simple. I just attached a maya fur describtion on the mesh. And tweak the polar and other settings so the hair is pointing in the correct direction. You can paint a baldness map so you don’t get hair in unwanted places.

I try to use as much noise as possible in the shading settings, maya is quite sensitive with the random settings. But with just a little you get more variation in the color.

I used fg and mia sun to light the hair so it matched the vray render as close as possible in lighting. I think lighting is the key to getting good hair with maya. Try with hdri lighting, it’s hard to make it work with animation, but works good for stills! :slight_smile:


Very cool model and nicely rendered/composed! Love the expression :slight_smile:


very nice modeling


Nice modelling/texturing/rendering!
I just can’t see his iris.

Great work!


I uploaded a turntable of the bust made from mudbox:

/ J


great looking angry ogre well done :thumbsup: thanks for the high res render. nice to see all the details


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