Ogre concepts (fat, muscular humaniod)


I’m not sure if I should post this here or the 2d works in progress forum, but I’m hoping for some good anatomy advice, so I’m posting here first. Also, I’m thinking of starting a Daily Sketch thread for my stuff, but I can’t seem to find that forum

Anyways, I’m attempting to turn out some decent illustrations for an illustrator scholarship so any advice on nitpicky anatomy, better designs, composition or character poses would be greatly appreciated and valued! Also, just so you know, the basic premise of this illustration will be some kind of confrotation between a large ogre and a small boy or other similiar character

Here’s the first idea–Ogre standing over the boy in a defensive position. I don’t think I’m going to go with this idea, but I still would like any advice!

Second Idea. I Might go with this…the kid looking down on the Ogre from high atop a tree. I really need to work on the top perspective anatomy though…advice?

This is probably my favorite idea. the following are pictures I’ve put a little bit of work into, but I’m sure they could still use improvements. The ogre will be charging at the boy who will be holding a slingshot to attempt to fend off the ogre


Could I get any help? Anything at all would be nice


I could give you a couple of tips that were passed on to me:

1.) Consider finding appropriate photos or other images that more or less match the proportions of the creature, and sketching the creature on top of them. This is more of an exercise to develop more ‘muscle memory’ towards drawing the physique.

2.) Look into shading a little more. I’m not an expert in anatomy so I cannot really offer criticisms there, but the last image looks nice. If you shaded it a bit to reveal more details about the elements of the creature, you’d have a nice design there.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot man!

Glad to finally get a response…I guess this forum is a little slower moving than some others.

But anyways, I definelty plan on doing some shading. These are just some ink sketches I did while I was bored at work. As far as I can tell the anatomy on the last one looks okay…although the face got a little messed since I can’t erase Ink. I’m still not sure if I should have him glaring down like he is now, or doing something like a screaming charge.


hello, u could use photo references also life drawing classes r a great help. drawing from body building pics can be useful as they r well defined muscles which makes them easier to pick out and understand. also photos of urself can help find a good pose/angle. hope this helps some, ben.


Look at some other ogre drawings and pictures to get inspired. Study them, maybe even copy a few, I’ve found that it helps. Pictures like warcraft ogres, or lord of the rings, etc. Be sure not to borrow too much stuff when creating, or revising your character, because people will notice the similarities.


Thanks a lot for the suggestions man!

I think I’ll start doing this tommorow–I need to get working on this since it’s due at the end of June!



Since you are going for an Illustration scholarship, it is important to flesh out the concept / have a clearly defined one first. Of course all of us work differently, but you should think about what you are trying to communicate first and foremost. Often it helps to write this down. Maybe you could describe to us what you want to go on in your piece. :slight_smile:




Thanks RebeccaK, I think I did describe it briefly overall at the top, but I can certainly describe it in more detail as my idea is evolving.

The basic premise of this is a confrontation between a giant brute antagonist (ogre) vs a small, weak, but intelligent or agile protagonist (boy/small character) who seems like the most unlikely person to defeat such a beast. If I needed a story I would say it’s along the lines of a “Brave Little Tailor” or David and Goliath type of story. Giant Ogre who regularly torments a village, constantly defeating the many heroes and hunting parties sent. Finally, a small kid decides to go up against him.

So my idea for the illustration will probably be an Ogre charging at a boy in the foreground. The boy will be seen from the back or perhaps a slight 3/4 view from the rear as he aims a slingshot at the charging ogre.

Obviously, I’m still working on the charging ogre concept. As you can see I have a headfirst straightforward charge idea posted above, but I was also thinking of a mid-jump sequence as he starts swinging his arm to hit the boy with some sort of club. I think that idea would be a lot more interesting and really capture the last minute intense action, right before the boy fires his sling shot.



Thanks for that extended description. :slight_smile:

The main thing that I would recommend at this point is to start scribbling small thumbnails of the overall scene ~ don’t worry about Anatomy at this point, just think compositionally. Maybe generate somewhere between 15-20 small thumbnails of different ideas / compositions, just thinking in terms of light and dark and the action of the scene. Maybe fit 6 or so onto a standard letter sized page, in pencil, or the medium of your choice. I think ideation of this kind is really important to do at the beginning of a project. :slight_smile:




Thanks RebeccaK! I appreciate that Idea!

Unfortunately, I have a feeling I’m going to miss the tournament deadline because of my recent slacking/lack of motivation to work on the illustrations. But I’m still going to try your suggestion. I also need to pump out at least 2.5 more drawing in addition to this one.

Btw, I’ve always wondered if your asian or look anything like your Avatar?



No problem. I think doing the sketches will be a good exercise in the long run. :slight_smile:

BTW, I am happy to move / rename your thread to the Personal Anatomy Threads area and rename it to “Anatomy Thread of Zephyrpower”.

Yep, that’s me in the avvy ~ a little silliness never hurt anyone. :slight_smile:




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