Offshore Oil Rig WIP


Here’s an updated image of the offshore oil rig. This is my second render in C4D and I have learned a lot in the process. This image still needs a lot of work though.

  1. D.O.F. Yes/No? Do you think it adds to the scene or takes away from it?

  2. The ocean/scene looks flat which makes the oil rig appear like it’s floating. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  3. Oilrig - I plan to tone it down and change the color. I would like to make rust only on the bottom of the legs. Do you know how I can apply a shader to only part of an object?

  4. The color of the helicopter body looks strange behind the door. Do you know what might be causing this?

  5. Distant Light - I have used an "Omni light to light the helicopter. I wanted to use a “distant light” but it would not light the helicopter. I thought a distant light would be good for adding some light to the ocean and helicopter, but it did nothing to affect it do you know why? Could it be the distant light couldn’t reach the water. Some setting?

Any other suggestions welcome!



Would you perhaps be able to post a larger pic?. It’s very difficult to see details on such a small pic.

First of all, your composition looks quite nice but here’s what I’d change if it were my pic.

  1. I feel the DOF should either be removed completely or be dropped to a level of near invisibility. In your case, the bright colors of all the objects make DOF unneccessary in order to draw your focus. Also it damages your pic’s visual scaling and makes it look like a toy rather than like life-size objects. I try never to use DOF unless it’s 150% neccessary as it’s extremely easy to over do it. Close-ups of objects tend to react better to DOF than a wide-angled shot like your’s.

  2. You can do this in a number of ways. You could use an alpha map to “hide” the texture from pars it should not be applied to. You could also create a selection tag for the part you want to apply it to and simply drag it into the selection field of the material tag. The latter might cause some freakishly perfect lines so unless you can match up the textures at the split line, I wouldn’t suggest it. Another way, ofcourse, would be to do a UV texture map instead of a procedural texture and simply paint the areas you want covered with rust.

  3. The color problem behind the door, looks like it might be a reflection of some sort. You might want to lower the reflection’s brightness/mixing setting.

There’s some sort of weirdness happening in front of the front door but I can’t really tell from the small pic.

For your second rendering this is really a brilliant start though. Keep us posted.


i would agree about d.o.f witht he distance the objects seem to be from the camera the focal distance would be set nearer to infinity giving a very low/no dof.

witht he point about the rig floating, i would say 1 problem is the color. deeper waters tend to be alot darker blue or even tend to lean towards having a green tint, here are 2 example images :

maybe a bit more bump / displacement on it to make it look a little noisy, again being off shore the waters are rarely as calm as depicted in your images, although not always the case.

hope this helps with part of your problem


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