Offshore Gas Module


Looking for tips on making this render awesome. I appreciate all critiques but would like to know how to make the exterior of the facility appear more believable.

Also, how to comp the light ray pass in? I tried add blend mode but the light is too strong and washes out the subject.



It’s looking really nice but the outside the warehouse is all blown out. It’d be nice to have just a little detail in there. With regards to the light rays, the ‘add’ mode is the correct one but you might need to play with the opacity a bit.


Thank you. To keep the relatively low exposure on the inside but bring out some detail on the outside will I need to mask out the windows and do all of that in post? Is there a way do that inside of the scene with background/plates maybe? Also, I think the light ray will need to be re-rendered. to dial it back a little. Either that or move the light source so that the rays don’t interfere with the subject.


like Kev3D said you can just turn the opacity down on the volume light layer in photoshop and it’s fine, no need to rerender =)

also, add blending mode? isn’t that wrong since volume light is basically a “fog”? Unless I’m completely wrong I think screen or using the volume light pass as a mask on a solid color layer is a bit more correct, but as I said this might not be true.


Great work - I think though it looks like the warehouse is not surrounded by anything? Would there be shadows cast through any of the windows by neighbouring buildings? Otherwise simulating some clouds in the sky could break the consistent lighting up a bit.

Assuming it’s lit by a daylight system - Stick a massive plane primitive in front of the sun with a noise map mapped to it’s opacity slot. Clamp the noise map a little.


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