Official Suggestions Site (Do Maxon even read them?)



Whenever I encounter a feature that would be good for C4D, I send in a suggestion to this site:

My concern is do they even read it? I don’t really receive an email regarding the receipt of the suggestion, etc.

I mean they asked for an email in the forum.


Anything more than a bland acknowledgement isn’t Maxon’s style.

They aren’t going to say, “Hey, great idea…” as it would reveal information or convey some sort of implicit suggestion they are going to utilize the idea.

You would think they’d set up an automated e-mail response to communicate, “We got your suggestion/request. Thanks.”


The suggestions form is connected to a database that is queried by Product Management and the rest of the product department. Usually the entries are not read immediately but the database is queried when input is needed. Personally i try to read through them once they come in, but mostly only to sort out misdirected stuff like support requests etc.



Yea, hopefully, they would provide a more affirming response


Thanks for the response. At least, it is not a total waste for our suggestions. I initially thought they are just buried collecting dust.

Have a great day ahead!



this is just the german way to tell you that “they are just buried collecting dust.” :wink:


The world is changing. The Blender community is inherently responsive to user requests.

The health of C4D’s future may require more interplay between the mother-ship and those that are using the software.

I’m not even close to considering a switch, but…just sayin’.


The suggestions form is not the most used connection to our userbase. Everyone who ever met one of our people at tradeshows, events etc. knows that we are listening on a very personal level and also go out to users and ask directly. The input from the suggestion form bolsters those direct encounters.


The Blender community is inherently responsive to user requests.

Well, yes and no. For a LOOOOONG time, Ton Roosendaal was like “we know better than the rest of the industry, let’s do everything our way”. And well, it’s free, you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…

The only features really stemming from particular requests are the ones directly linked to their Open Movie projects, which indeed made the package do great strides in the right direction.

Quite a few other features only seemed to exist because it was the pet project of a developper at some point.

BforArtist and Version 2.8 seem like a first in listening to the wider audience (and not the hard core fans)

I might be wrong, but that’s the vibe I got listening/reading a few Blender conferences and interviews over the years.


Sadly, that also seems to be the reason why some (Blender) features don’t progress. Relying on the personal interests of a programmer makes a feature more like a 3rd party plugin…


Blender is changing fast. Now that there also exist an economic system with paid plugins and tutorials, it gave a big push.

What culture it had 5 years ago is not anymore.

Edit, just in time : Epic donates 1.2 M$ to Blender Foundation