Official Autodesk submission and suggestions forms


These are the official links for bug submissions and suggestions for max and max design:


btw. subscription users should IMHO create a “technical support case” in subscription centre! Then you will get email feedback and you can append facts afterwards.




Please also make sure to check out the "Small Annoying Things" which also can be added and voted.


Highest vote so far “Switch from caddies to old style dialogue boxes”

I never would have guessed. :slight_smile:


put my vote in…add vray , throw mental ray out.


It vould be nice for them to give the option to turn off the clown UI button…
+ general UI The “clown button” is a confusing thing and bad UI design, option to remove it.


I would love that as a default. However, if you serious about max, you always have the option to buy it on side. What I wish for is a complete overhaul of the animation area. Still not even close to be as efficient as maya.


I am not holding my breath on that.


I would suggest to pin the link !


[My 3D art. Pleasure to see your opinion!


Optimize spline and Garment Maker should have options to take a threshold angle into account to preserve sharp turnings on meshes or splines. This must be an easy thing to add.

As an alternative to the above modifiers on many cases, it would be better if Quadrify Mesh modifier’s quads were more regular.