Office Girl, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Office Girl
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max

Using my previous Bunny Girl character as a base, I made a variation of her in ordinary business clothes. She will be used in an animated short I have planned.
Made in 3Ds Max 6, rigged with biped, lit with a combination of skytracer (Global illumination) and 3 point lighting.


Your work is just flawless, i find it fantastic.

Sorry i couldn’t give a more educated comment but the image is just perfect.

By the way, the vertical line running down her stocking, very sexy touch.

looking forward to the animation.


no replies?

this is awesome dude… great poses… :thumbsup:


Nice works. I like it.

Can you tell me how do you rig the cloth?


just perfect :thumbsup:


this work is super super…

Everything is fine, smoth mesh, clean wireframes, perfect shapes, good light, you´re done man!


No crits Andy! She’s smashing! What’s next for her…?


…and during night, she’s working in a strip club :smiley:

The only thing I would change is the hair shader

ah…forget it…
its just wonderfull. 200stars from me


nice modeling, SEXY character.


Very funny :slight_smile: I like how it’s done :slight_smile:


Man, she’s soooo cute. :slight_smile: Excellent poses too. Great job on her facial expressions. :thumbsup:



very very cool character!


very good job Andy !

the wires are very clean and the renders are amazing !

others variations of this litlle woman planned ? :slight_smile:


nice! i love the style


Indeed she looks reaaaally sexy ( :bounce: ) and she emits kind’a personality…! Just great work! And by the way, the lighting also looks superb (for sure even more if you know its only Max :cool:)!

I can’t wait for the short!!!

:rolleyes: :applause:


I would love to have a secretary like this one he he he…

Amazing work pal! Really like the poses.
Would love to see her in motion… :thumbsup:


I Swear i thought of this when i first sow your bunnygirl. i said to myself: “she would be a perfect secretary”!
anyway, as the bunnygirl, she is flawless. Great job :thumbsup: .


I’m in love!


I almost follow in love ~~haha ,charming girl
I like your work ,great character

would you make some animation for her?




she is nice.

good work