Ofdw12: Master Copy,, Ailsa L. Macpherson (2D)


im just impressed!


It has striking detail. I like the figure drawing, the content isnt really my bag… Vampires… it would seem, with the undertone of homosexuality… although vampires are all about sexuality, I never really thought about the homosexual aspect of it.

Interesting peice, well done!


powerful work!



thats a great one elsie~i remember u showed me once where its still in wip,the final result turns out spectacularly!the very best of urs:thumbsup:***** no doubt


nice to see a master painting copied in photoshop - It gives the art a very nice kind of updated look. Very nice porportions to - and as far as the shading goes - The guy with the leaf crown on has excellent softness and subtlety. I feel that with copying master paintings you are always reveald with more and more subtleties - you never really finish. And even though I think you did an awesome job I would like to give a couple of suggestion if I may :slight_smile: - I do think the lines on the devil are to pronounced and should blend more… and he is overall darker in the original painting… and also i think it’s essential that you tone down the background bodies… there’s to much contrast in there.

great work!!


Sergio: Thanks very much :smiley:

Lildragon: Aha, so it was you :slight_smile: I’m very glad that you like it!

BlinCk: Many thanks!

Ericyeo: Thank you, congrats on your OFDW piece too.

HellBoy: Glad you like, thank you :slight_smile:

Becca: Whee, thanks for promoting me! hug for Becca

SergioKomic: And a pro at it too! :scream: whatever would we do without our Kimchee?

Luozhihua: Thank you very much.

Zapan: Ahh strokes beard it won’t take much longer heh, I’ll probably come hijack your anatomy thread later today with it

Mr. Positive: If your interested in the OFDW’s I really recommend participating, they have a great atmosphere and loads of talented people involved! And as Becca says, totally free :slight_smile:

Alexfaichi: Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I’m especially glad you enjoyed the tutorial, first one I’ve made!

Aggie93: Aw, it’ll be a shame if you give up Aggie, in my opinion you had the starts of some really nice work there :thumbs up: Thanks very much for the compliment!

Warpyy: Hehe, high praise indeed - although next to Bougeureau I am but a humble doodler!

Aaron111: Ack, I also noticed the errors you mentioned when I flipped the canvas at one point - though by then it was too late and would have taken me another 20 hours or so to change :cry: hopefully I will be able to come back to this in a few months and fix all the errors and missing detail that I didn’t manage to stay focused to do this time! Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

Michele: Thanks very much! ^^

LATROMMI_SUINEG: Wow, 5 stars ^^ hehe that is very kind. Thank you!

Cr@sh: Many thanks!

Djampa: Thank you! I’m thankful for all you guys that managed to bear it on the WIP thread hehe hugs my crazy CGS family

Jed D: Thanks a lot :smiley:

DBXMe2: Whee, you have GIR as your avatar! I actually have nearly finished a doodle of him I started the other day that I was going to change my avatar too at some point - great character ^^. Thanks for your compliment on my piece, to be honest it’s not usually the subject matter I would have picked to paint either - though I think it really did me a lot of good to step outside my box for a while and stop painting pretty women with fans or something heh.

Gord MacDonald: Thank you!

Sh@ke: Am honoured that you like it Michael ^^ as you know, I completely adore your art!

Shraga: You share the same perpective as me with respects to digital versions of master copies :slight_smile: Some great advice there, thank you - I will certainly keep those in mind, in a few months I hope to come back to this and fix up a few things!


Yup…and u make us all a very proud bunch ! :slight_smile:


Hey Elsie… congrats on your front page feature… very very well deserved! I can’t get over how amazing this looks, and your walkthrough is really useful for tips and tricks. Fantastic work, can’t wait to see your work in the next workshop!


Congrats. I didn’t expect it to evolve so much in such little time since the preview you showed me, then bam I see it on front page :smiley:

Looks great. Awaiting your next masterpiece…


WOW! Impressive!
Great :thumbsup:


Great work. I wasn’t family with this artwork so I just looked it up. Very good job. Extremely well executed.

If you like William Bouguereau, you might want to check into Gustave Doré. He was a printmaker from the 1860’s who illustrated the Divine Comedy and the Bible. He has a very similar style and layout (well other than he worked mostly in b/w)


Wow, great painting Elsie :applause: And thank you for the wonderful tut.


I totally undestand. It is frustrating when you noticing something like that too late. Overall you did an amazing job, and it wouldn’t have been something that stood out to me if I hadn’t gone at looked at the orginal closely.


WOW WOW Ailsa :slight_smile:
like it a lot! :bounce:


Dimi: Whee thank you, it’s lovely to know you’re all proud of me ^^

Sam: Thank you so much Sam, long time no see! Incidentally I just looked at the OFDW11 thread and that was absolutely stunning work there. Have you posted it here, because you really should :)!

3dRaven: Ah well, you’re usually a decent part in how my pieces evolve ^^ I always know where to go for awesome crits! Thanks Raven!

Esternocleidomastoideo: Thank you :slight_smile:

Arty2: Many thanks, I really enjoy watching your picutures on the WIP gallery by the way!

Aaron111: Thank you, good to know it wasn’t too obvious hehe - guess you just have a good eye for that stuff :wink:

Maxko: Thank you very much!


congratz on the frontpage, your masterpiece truely deserves that, kick ass Job, cutie :slight_smile:
glad to see ya keep on rockin, you made progress in light speed, keep it up! :buttrock:


this is really awesome!! i love it. deserves 5 stars! great job!!


Excellent work :bowdown:


Hi …Ailsa L. Macpherson Very nice jop.I like very much.Iam also doing his(WILLIAM BOUGEUREAU) painting for CG.Soon i will post :applause: :thumbsup:


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