Ofdw12: Master Copy,, Ailsa L. Macpherson (2D)


Title: Ofdw12: Master Copy,
Name: Ailsa L. Macpherson
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Originally as my exercise in Rebecca Kimmels Open Figure Drawing Workshop (12), I ended up spending quite a lot of time and effort on this piece and really hope that I’ve done Mr. Bougeureau some justice :slight_smile:

It didn’t turn out nearly as finished as I would have liked, I never actually got around to working on textures or overall feel to the image, but after 70 - 80 hours on this piece in quite a short time I really did have to take a lot of my friends advice and “just leave it alone now!”

I’d just like to give extra hugs to Becca and Peter for their outstanding patience and encouragement towards me ^^ you guys are great, also to everyone on the OFDW12 thread and CGS WIP thread who helped me.

I’ll post a quick step by step process when this thread gets published :slight_smile:



Just tremendous work! :bounce:Thanks for blazing the trail and working so hard on this piece…really it’s an inspiration to all of us! :arteest:

Fantastic work, and I hope you’ll participate in future Open Figure Drawing Workshops! :slight_smile:

Congrats on just a great job! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:


P.S., I wouldn’t mind a little Tutorial - Digital OFDW 012 Bouguereau Master Copy - by Elsie Tutorial in the Anatomy Forum, you know ~ if you got the chance. :smiley: Pleeze?

</pimping> :smiley:


:applause: Go, Ailsa, GO! This is a fantastic copy and one which I’ve really enjoyed watching develop- you sure have an eye for the naked guys. :smiley:

Stars from me!


Yay my baby has finished her piece :smiley: Great piece of work Elsie, and you did him justice in my opinion :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next one :wink:


Elsie like I said before… good job girl, excellent!!
Yeah, we are proud :slight_smile:


Wow thats very impressive!

Amazing piece Elsie!


thats a wonderful work…:).


Wow, great work! :applause:


Eee, dang you guys work fast :smiley: you’re all so kind.

Becca: It would be my pleasure to do a tutorial :slight_smile: (wonders how to best hide the fact that she fumbles along without really knowing what she’s doing) Thank you for the compliment!

Therry: Yeah, you gotta wonder why I spend most of my time drawing naked women :shrug: naked guys are so much fun! Thanks for the stars hon.

Peter: Thank you darling lots of hugs you put up with a looooot of whining about this piece!

Marlon: Whee, nice to know you guys are proud of me ^^ maybe I have been slowly absorbing all your powers of awesomeness!

Simon: Thank you very much :slight_smile: it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything finished!

Waheednasir: ^^ Thanks a lot!


Chiaotzu: Hehe, you beat me to it! Thank you for your comment.


wheep… you did it… :bounce: and you did it in style… :applause:


go ailsa go ailsa :smiley: fantastic work again on doing the piece justice :smiley:


BEAUTIFUL JOB on this painting…Elsie…:applause: :thumbsup:



Damn fine work missy! I go away for a little while and you come back with a stunning piece of art. Your art skills have completely burst the dam.:smiley:


Makaron: Wheep! Thank you, my fellow guinea pig-loving friend :smiley:

Aggie: I’m glad you feel I did the piece justice :slight_smile: Thanks Janni-janni-bananni!

Glenn: Many thanks, you also did a wonderful job on your OFDW12 piece!

Martin: Mwehehe ^^ Thanks so much Martin! Now are you done with the move and back to stay? chains Martin to the IRC


:thumbsup: nice job…


No IRC just yet… have to set up my router and things… but maybe tonight! :smiley:


Nice pose, good painting, best idea!


who thats amazing, you have captured the bodies perfectly, did you have models or just suround yourself with reference?


Wow! A front page plug! Congrats, Elsie! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Now that’s fast track frontpage work! Heh… well done Elsie, you deserve it!