Ode to the Boogeyman, Rob Mack (3D)


Title: Ode to the Boogeyman
Name: Rob Mack
Country: Australia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This is just a bit of fun that I made as a thank you to a friend (null object) who takes on some really odd projects… The humour is pretty left of centre but hey so is he…

Hope you all like


That’s pretty grotesque. Did we really need to see a full shot of a monkey’s asshole, a mound of snot and a monkey hardcore digging into his nose in the one render?

I guess it’s just not for me. I’m sure many others will agree it’s a technical achievement, but I don’t think it’ll ever be a favourite.

The lighting is excellent though, as is the expressions of the monkeys, but a more pleasing topic would improve this a lot :slight_smile:

EDIT: Well there you go. I eat my words, everyone loves it- Congrats. To each his own I guess.



love this!

lovely concept and great execution


Well, Last time I checked, monkeys DO Have Buttholes and Penises…I think it’s cool to see a toon character that is anatomically correct. It lends a certain mischeivous feel to this render…

Great sense of humor!:twisted: :thumbsup:


i agree. I think the grotesqueness of the sunject matter works really nicely with the cutesy treatment. makes me laugh. brilliant work.


Haha! Looie, the tasteless pet!
I really like this character - and this just makes me see more of him and his strange habits… maybe it’s time to make him a short?
Splendid work, Robs :slight_smile:


redbyte… Aww come on… you secretly love it don’t you… Like I said in my post it’s pretty bent but then so is the dude I made it for. When I look at it I see innocent and cheeky, like a little kid giggling at saying ‘fart’… Sorry you weren’t able to dig it mate I know it isn’t for everybody:shrug:

d3m0ni0… Thanks, I used this scene to break in my new pc… those shadows took 6 hours to render… Love your egg;)

HorseFlesh… Thanks man, it’s meant to be read just the way you saw it, I want my mate to chuckle every time he sees it. BTW the corn in your portfolio 2 shot is a nice touch, it reminds me of a N64 game Conkers bad fur day which your sense of humour would get a kick outta for sure

actionbrad3d… Thanks, I made it for fun, glad you dig it

Gunilla… Hmmm… I’m ditching biped forever and am going back to my custom rigging from Mayadays so I could rerig this fella up for animation and… and… and… That’s a great idea G! As always you shine some great light for me:bowdown:

lol… I don’t understand why one of my best ever renders is only worth 2 stars here?.. You guys think it is offensive or crap?.. If you rate it down could you please leave a comment so I know why? Just curious:beer:


Hi there Daddy!

This looks really cool - an very interesting foreground pose and camera angle (to say the least!)
All elements are ‘hanging’ together nicely :wink: , and the image is full of verve and character. …

Gets my stars for boldness, humour & originality :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:

take care Rob!



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