October 2015 - Lee J rouse


Fantastic brief this month, shame I just noticed it with a week to go (no pressure!! :eek: )
Here is my first concept…


Here is a detail concept of the house, I am keeping to a townhouse, but in this desolate place it is condemned and abandoned. Thus hiding the secrets of the house above.


Had time yesterday to develop the house exterior. I built this in Cinema 4d as a blockout model and generated the trees in speedtree.
The next step is to roughly texture those assets as well as paint / photoshop added detail. The rock the house is on is just placeholder at the moment and needs a lot of attention.
Conceptually, the image depicts Magga as a kinda infinite loop (as in P.T.) once you reach the desolate townhouse the ladder out back sends you down deeper into the repeating madness.

Any feedback greatly appreciated


Quite late in the day for a major change, but my composition just didn’t feel right. I have ‘broken up’ the foreground so there is a more organic flow to the composition, and doesn’t completely frame the image like it did before.
…and I have added a spectral glow in the mist under the floating islands.

Gonna have a busy couple of days pulling all this together!!!


Nearly finished! Or finished??? Its late here so I am going to post this one now the have a look with fresh eyes in the morning. I am really happy with how this has gone and have flipped the canvas (in my opinion it works better).
Any feed back would be great.

Higher Res image Here…

Thank you.



Cool one! :applause:


Phewww!!! That was intense !!!

Made some final additions and tweaks today. Here is my FINAL image.

To view the 1920 x 1080 version click here please…


To view the higher 4K res version click here please…

Good luck everyone, and happy halloween!!!



Not bad for you it came out, it looks fantastic. Congratulations idea.


This is what I think:

Comments are here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?p=8113038#post8113038


Hi Milan,

Thank you very much for taking the time to give feedback.

I like your suggestions for improving this piece. After being away from it for a couple of months now, seeing it with fresh eyes and reading your comments it is clear what you mean and I really agree about the level of contrast.
I like what you did to that overhanging rock at the top of the frame, it really flows and brings the eye down to the house now.
I’ll have a look at finishing this when I have the time.
Looking forward to seeing whats coming up soon.

Many thanks