Octane Render Sale - 49 Euros


Just wanted to post that Octane Render will be on sale for 49 Euros until June 4th. For more information visit:




I love Octane. No reason to not get it at this price.


I can think of a reason…

That’ll happen when you use a laptop as your primary platform :frowning:

(edit - this is of course not because of anything octanes done wrong, it’s just the nature of the tech)


I had problems with my old rig but with my new one the demo works fine and as a Maxwell user I’m very impressed and feel wasting resources if I dont use the GPU. On the other hand now my 980X is idling around while the GPU does the job.
I’m missing also the UI from Maywell or Fry. They are far more intuitive then the current Octane one in my opinion.

But I think I’ll snatch one copy of Octane and work me into it a bit more if 3dmax puglins are released. This price is not beatable.


amazing price, for an amazing software. :bowdown:


The 3d max , maya , softimage and blender plugins are already out and ready to use.


That will happen when you don’t have a video card with CUDA.


I´m thinking to buy a cuda card (only for rendering purposes,my main gpu will be a FireGL) and this great soft at insane deal :scream:


The 3d max , maya , softimage and blender plugins are already out and ready to use.

The Softimage one is out, but everyone’s waiting on a new obj exporter by the plugin dev. In other words, some things are still quite beta :wink:


You could also install a second GPU and use the first GPU for your display(s) and horst app. Then you could work just as usual with your horst app, while the second GPU does the rendering job without having any performance issues.
It’s like having a second pretty fast Render-node build right into your workstation.

I have set up my current workstation this way and I’m impressed of the performance and quality.


This is exactly what I plan to do if I can fit a gtx 480 next to my 275.


It should normaly fit. The good thing is that you don’t need an SLI bridge to make it work, just inastall a second GPU and it will be recognized by the Octane device manager. With that said, the mainboard doesn’t even need to support SLI, it just needs to offer at least 2 PCI-E slots. Most current boards have 3 anyway. Another option would be one single DUAL GPU, such as the Asus Mars or GTX295. My current board has only 1 PCI-E slot, that’s why I still use a single DUAL GTX285 (one for Octane, the other for the displays and horts app - when I don’t need to work in my horst app then I give Octane both GPUs).

I plan to build a supercomputer with 4 PCI-E slots in the near future that operates as render-node only - maybe they will also integrate network rendering with a future version.


Wow, that is very tempting… I’m going to have to find some time this week to play with the demo and see if it’s something I’d want to jump on board with or not. Looks very promising and exciting either way!


Woot! Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know they had a sale.

Been using the demo for a while now and loving it. After seeing this sale I couldn’t hold out much longer and took the plunge! :smiley:


Im on laptop and everything is okay. Try installing nvidia drivers (not drivers provided by hp/sony/etc) - I assume you have nvidia card.


So if I buy this now, do I get free upgrades/ updates or do I have to pay for the final/ official version as well?


According to their website:

"Our beta program allows users to buy a license for Octane Render Studio Edition Beta releases, at half the normal retail price. Your beta license will also be valid for the final v1.0 Studio Edition release, and subsequent dot releases such as v1.1, v1.2, etc, and will allow a reduced upgrade cost to future v2.0 releases. "


Thanks, I didn’t see that part.

I’ll probably buy this then, it’s a steal :smiley:


It will be the best 49 euros you ever spent I can tell you that.


Already bought over here, now pricing quad SLI boards for a render pig :beer: