octane render passes: object layer color halo issue


looking for layer mask alternatives due to render times in octane for C4D

interested in a workflow for exporting 10 to 20 mattes per scene using the layer color ID, but I’m having some halo issues when trying to select by color range in photoshop

any tips for getting a clean selection (such as when using layer mask b&w pass)?

here’s an illustration/example:


Did you find a way to deal with this yet?


@wonky I have not

I did find that using straight RGB values gives a much cleaner selection, in photoshop, by selecting in the channels tab. But as I mentioned, I am looking to get more mattes in one render, if possible, than just the 3 RGB colors.


Do You render 32 bit linear files?
Nonlinear 8 and 16 bit ID passes are not sufficient for keying in most cases.


Linear, yes. 32 bit no

I will give it a try, thank you


Sadly, I found that I save time and get better results by rendering object buffers with regular C4D Standard renderer. With Material Override ON, I re-render the scene in minutes and end up saving time compared to how long Octane adds to render times when saving Object Layers. And I don’t get the halo effect. Just an idea.

PS: And, I’m not forced to render image sequences and trash my project folder with endless amounts of files. :slight_smile:


But the standard render passes do not match the octance passes…