Octane render for Lightwave


A new toy for LW is going to be available soon





it looks nice… i am not convinced i would use it myself… i dont really see any huge advantage over the native render engine but its a welcome alternative…



It is fast :slight_smile:



Here you have a video working with Octane instancing. Plugin can render the LW clones as instances , or can render instances from Null objects simple naming them as any loaded object plus a “-” prefix. Easy :slight_smile:
Octane for LW is also going to support the LW11 instancing system, but this is going to be added later.




any word in fiberFX ? do you know if it would support that as well ?



At the moment Layout FiberFX doesn’t have SDK access, so it is hard, it not impossible, to support it. Octane anyway perhaps could render the polygonal hair made with Modeler FiberFX, or hair made with a custom module.



Lightwave plugin has now all code to support animation. It also support Lightwave SDS and Displacement maps, Dinamics, etc.

User can use interactive render with animated scenes. It can work in two modes: one for animate only simple object transformations and cameras, that doesn’t need to reload scene, and other with full scene update, that support deformations, dinamics, etc.




I don’t know if this would be in the same vein… but would Octane support (or be able to support) Sasquatch hair? I know it’s quite old, but I figure I’d ask. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t have SDK or external access to it’s data, so it is impossible to use with a external render.



I kind of figured it would turn out like that. :slight_smile: Thanks for responding!


Two videos of Octane for Lightwave, working with materials, emission surfaces and IES lighting.




The new IPR window, 10x faster than before for big images :slight_smile:




It looks GREAT!!!. We are wating for version for users :slight_smile:


Some videos about last plugin features: lighting, instancing and compositing :slight_smile:




Plugin continue it’s closed beta testing, but I am also working in new features :slight_smile:

This one is nice, the global surface override options



I’m looking forward to a Lightwave/Arnold plugin.

Now I don’t have Arnold, yet - but I eventually will. :wink:


New video that show the IPR navigation functions. User has a 2D camera pan and zoom, a 3D perspective view and a 3D target view that include realtime target update after select one object and realtime object tracking.




In this video you can see that Octane and LW Native rendering can work together in the same scene. Octane material nodes has a LW material input that allow shading the surface in both LW and Octane engines.






I have a new Facebook page for Octane for Lightwave plugin development to show videos, images, news, etc.