Octane for C4D is released!


Watch these vids by Natalie Eagan for an idea of C4d-Octane integration:



For GPU rendering a used GTX580, the 3GB model, is pretty awesome. It’s more powerful than the 680 for rendering and has 3GB memory, which is very important with GPU rendering.


Most people I’ve read about who are testing Octane are complaining that the Titan is ridiculously expensive for the 20% performance gain over the 680, instead they’re building PCs that can house 2x680s for the same price to get better bang for buck.

As far as I know Titan drivers are not in the 10.8.3 driver package so that’s PC only for now. I did see that 10.8.4 seeds were asking to test graphics drivers but probably is bug fixing rather than new drivers. Netkas is a great place to find out what’s coming as they pull apart the developer seeds for any hint of new drivers and hardware coming down the line.

(Their forum appears to be down at the mo.)


It’s hands down performance winner, but not price-performance (yet) and this is from a Titan owner, it’s twice the performance of my 580 in general more than twice the price. The value for me comes from less slots occupied allows me to expand with a few more later down the line.

Don’t get me wrong it still rocks :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to those tests? This goes against everything I’ve read and tested. It’s generally 100-150% faster than the 680 which is terrible for compute.



Less slots, less power, that’s pretty much how I perceive the ‘price’ part of the ratio. :wink:


According to comments made at the Octane forums and these benchmark results, the Titan is almost twice as fast as a GTX680.


Just played around with the demo, even seems to be quick on my single GTX 560 (2gb).
Impressive… i especially like their daylight system.

Seems pretty cheap as well compared to other renderers out there.


It is, for a render engine it’s practically an impulse buy. If you can imagine the standalone version was actually much cheaper if you purchased it during the beta phase. The expense comes when you decide you can’t live without a Titan farm.


nice to see lot of interest. Soon will come new update with more features and stability.
Also samples and tutorials.
Octane is suitable with lot of projects. Especially needs for realistic renderings. And offers very quick previewing and final renderings.


Anyone know how this works with multiple cards? I have a GTX580 3GB. If I get another will Octane use both gpu’s? What about mixing a GTX580 and a Titan?


I think it will use both GPUs, but only the memory from the smallest card.


[QUOTE=AntimatterVFX]Most people I’ve read about who are testing Octane are complaining that the Titan is ridiculously expensive for the 20% performance gain over the 680, instead they’re building PCs that can house 2x680s for the same price to get better bang for buck.

Well, that’s just not true at all. I’ve been an Octane convert almost as soon as I rendered something with it last fall. It’s an awesome renderer.

We’ve got machines with quad 680’s that post mid 13’s in the Octane benchmark. That’s with Pathtracing and alpha shadows disabled. My quad Titan machine posts a solid 32 in the same test. That’s a good deal more than twice as fast.

Just wanted to set the facts straight about these new cards. The advantages over buying say two 680’s are many. It’s cheaper, faster, quieter and you only use two slots. What’s not to love about that?



Octane should use only the 6GBs of VRam from the Titan for it’s limit but it will use all Cuda cores. VRam doesn’t add unfortunately across multiple GPUs like Cuda cores do. Be sure not to have your GPUs in SLI mode, that improves performance in games, but not render engines.


Other than the need for a high end graphics card, are there any other downsides to Octane? Certain types of scenes or situations that would give it trouble? Octane almost seems too good to be true.


Biggest that comes to mind would be memory limitations, since you’re limited to the memory available on the video card.


No displacement/texture based supported (yet), so far I didn’t see examples of caustics through transparencies/refractions, as well as sss enclosed in glass etc…

Also I wonder if Octane is a “real” unbiased renderer or does it calculate with limitations like path/ray depth maximum settings or similiar.

One downside is the potential memory limit, which you have to be afraid of hitting eventually.

check here as well:



Thanks, fluffouille and Mr.Tyler Durden.

I’ll have to keep my eye on Octane. It’s good to have more, relatively inexpensive, rendering options for C4D users.


Does anyone here know what the upgrade policy is like after you have bought it?


Titan drivers are in 10.8.4 developer build. Apple have removed drivers in the release version in the past so not cast in stone but for those with deep pockets this might be good news.

This also must hint at a new Mac Pro.


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