Octane for C4D is released!


Ok gentleman, start up your GPU engines…Octane for C4D plugin is now available :thumbsup:


I haven’t touched Octane in a while as I hated the old non-native plugin workflow but now it is a whole new ballgame with this native plugin. Have been toying with it for the last few hours and it really is everything I was hoping for.

A very tight native integration with Cinema and there seems to be nothing missing so far, except for live geometry updates, but that is coming. You can navigate in the live viewer as well as render into the viewport and even on my humble gtx560ti I am pretty blown away with the speed. Seems faster than I remember in the v1.0 of Octane (it is currently at v1.1).

You do need a full version of Octane as well as the C4D plugin, even though the full version is contained within the plugin, as far as I know. Before anyone asks, there is a Mac version coming in the near future.

Also, Otoy have set up a cloud service for Octane. Check out the GTC video which is quite cool and bodes well for the future:



nice, octane is certainly a nice render. (the old exporter was terrible to use)



Awesome! I’ve been using 1.1 standalone so far and I love the speed and quality.

Just read this from the announcement thread:

“The Mac version of this plug-in will be ready very soon, it’s just a matter of days.”



nice, i hope the demo will be out soon so i can try out. this looks very promising…also the cloud edition.


Oh man, so many options for rendering today.

I have no experience with Octane. But the GPU-rendering is the bomb, right?
Nvidia graphics is a requirement?
What would be the speedgain in a render compared to a “normal” render?



on outdoors it is the speed of a very very fast cpu,maybe faster, in indoors or complex setups slower than normal cpu renderers. so depends what you do.
anyway gpu is very interesting for many fields obviously.


So much awesomeness, playtime day :slight_smile:



Keep in mind that any GPU rendering will rely on the memory used on the graphic card itself, not your RAM. So this can be a limiting factor, don’t expect to render huge scenes.
Speed and type of the graphic card (in this case, a range of Nividia cards only) is also very important, as well as driver type. A second card just for your display is also recommended (but not mandatory).



Octane is insanely fast (w/ 2 gtx 680’s), I see a big role for it in my own pipeline when working with compositional elements, scenes that aren’t super heavy in geometry and wherever else it fits.

Memory seems to be the limiting factor with all GPU solutions, but a couple of Titans with 6gb each would certainly see you through most shots.

For all out interior shots, I’m sticking to my CPU’s and VRay. But at this point I’d strongly consider allowing VRay to only be responsible for camera animation (faster caching), replacing any objects in motion with an Octane render, where convenient.


God, this is so true


Or, you could be like my buddy Alec who just put 4 Titan’s in his machine…


Actually, it looks like the memory doesn’t stack up, only the number of cores.


Yes, you are limited to a single GPU’s RAM and by your lowest RAM count card, so if I’m using both 580 and Titan, it is the 3Gb of the 580 it goes by. Will be adding the 2nd Titan soon so won’t be an issue. All of the scenes I’ve thrown at it so far have coped no problem.



How is the Titan compared to your 580?
Even with 6gb, it’s still very limited in what it can handle.

Why the developers don’t make all of these engines Hybrid like Arionis beyond me.


It varies but ~100% faster in Octane, in TFD ~50% to 100% faster. C4D viewport speed is identical +/- 1fps, I think that’s due to the broken Titan OpenGL drivers, but I also imagine it’s Nvidia protecting the Quadros. I’m intending to fill the PCI-E slots so I chose the Titan, if I wasn’t going to I’d go with a couple 590s.



It’s either a couple of titans, or filling up 6/7 PCI-e slots with a bunch of used GTX 580’s.
The gamers are all parting ways with theirs in favor of 680’s and selling around the $300 mark.

Trying to figure out which is the more worthwhile investment. Probably the more modern tech, but not until those drivers are reported as working and stable.


The 1.11 version of Octane is significantly faster for Kepler based cards, but the 680 has been totally borked in terms of compute, so I doubt the software can salvage that much.

One thing I love about the Titan is it’s near silent most of the time, my old 580 classy was so loud.


love it so far


Still waiting for Mac version. A few more weeks to go…