Oct/Nov time :) facial rigging time


yup, its Oct, so stop the body rigging…well, you can continue, but you can now start teh facial rig.

Facial rig requirements :
1 : The character is for an animated cartoon series (not really, but for the challenge, go with it) so he needs a well developed facial rig to allow for a range of motion, as well as cartoony expressions

2 : eyes : the eyes need a system put in place to allow for some pseudo sculpting by the artists, that is they can taper them, bulge them out, and such, but it still needs to deform correctly as he looks around

3 : All of this needs to work on top of what is already being done with the body rig.


Im interested in being part of this challenge but I realize that i’m months behind. Where should I start or what are my options? In the mean time I’ll download the model. If someone could point me the way it would help thanks.


check this link


ur all doubts will clear here.
All the best dude.


you still have about a month left on it too :wink:




im very new 4 animation
i have a robot model created in 3d max 2009… if rig that model …


I’d love to try something like that


i tried it too but i got to be like :banghead:


hey just got into this forum but cant download the model at its not available for some sort is there any way I can download it from somewhere.

thank you.


no, it got nuked from my site a long time ago. At the poke and prodding of a few ppl, I am starting to get back into things on the forum, so keep you eyes peeled here come the new year for new challenges.

I think this is how its going to break down :

Jan…get ppl talking again
Feb/March : body rigging 101
April/May : deformations
June/July : facial rigging ideas
Aug/Sept/Oct : conquer the worm…that is full on body and face rigging for a complex character
Nov/Dec : something cartoony and season related.


OH YEAH…one of those 2 month sections is up in the air…to possibly be replaced with a scripting/plugin dev challenge to get potential/current TDs more up to snuff on such things.