Ocean - Boat wake - Splashes


Hi guys,

I am working on a shot where stormy ocean needs to be generated.
Wakes and foam particles needs to be created by the boat interaction.
Foam texture and foam particles needs to be generated based on the height of the crest wave.

I started with Houdini ocean tool kit.

Right Now i am working on creating the ocean surface :
I am planning to generate the ocean surface in houdini ,export it to maya for Lighting rendering.
What is the best way to export Deformed Houdini Surface to maya.

Size of the grid is 1000X1000X1000

I tried with FBX but system got freezed.



That is a huge grid > if your using a high detail settings. If I need to make an ocean using HOT I make one small grid where my ship is. Then take those settings and roll them into a displacement shader using HOT_Ocean_Eval vop

All of this really does depend on the type of shot you have to do.



There is a good walk through this exact process (without the Maya export part) on ****** in the HIP tricks series.



Thank you for the tips.
I will try out your method…

Is the lighting and rendering part is also discussed in that Hip Tricks.
As i would be exporting to maya only for lighting and rendering…



For lighting and rendering check out the HOT tutorials on Digital Tutors. The ****** one does not talk about that at all.


The best way is to do the entire effect in Houdini hands down it will be easier. Use point clouds for everything ie get average normal positions.

You can use point clouds to generate your wake and also generate custom velocity vectors to drive the bow wave and other particles effects.

If you take this question over to the sidefx site I sure some poeple would post up some helpful scene files. :slight_smile:


thanks bob…

i will post it in side effects forum…



hello mr bob…

Right now the simulation is looking good but due to the large scale of the scene i cant scale the grid.

I need to create a grid with displacement shader as you mentioned.

Can you help me how can we transfer the HOT values to a displacement shader.

what will be the workflow for blending both the simulted grid and displaced grid.



Are you using the Ocean SOP? You should just lay your grid, create a VOP SOP and use the Ocean displacement VOP (don’t have the exact name in mind now). Much more control in there


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