Obsolete, Pawel Hynek (3D)


Title: Obsolete
Name: Pawel Hynek
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Well, here we are. It’s something I was thinking about a long time. It was somehow inspired by Battlestar Galactica and idea of Cylons. Creation of man, abandoned by him. Where lays border of responsibility for our dids?

Scene created with 3ds max and rendered in Vray in learning/fun purposes. My first high resolution image. It was harder to render than to create geometry, models and textures, but I learn a lot this time. Especially about shaders and light.


amazing work perfect :bounce:

5 star :thumbsup:

plz what Vray version and Vray setinge setp :love:

sory for my bad english :slight_smile:


Awesome work!
Bike and tires could be a little dirty also. But thats just me. Nice.


Ultrarealistic!!! Great work.Bravo.


Very nice work, nice design, modeling, and texturing…


Vray 1.5.
Light: 1 Vray Dome Light with HDRI + 1 Vray Plane Light
Sampler: Adaptive QMC 1-6
GI: Light Cache for pri and sec bounces at 6000 samples 0,01 size (it was fastest)
VrayPhysicalCamera 45 mm.
rQMC Sampler: Adaptive 0,7 noise 0,02

guitarmunkee: about bike - it is almost new - that was an idea :wink:


CG Award ? great picture, texturing & rendering ! - very well done !
gratulacje po raz kolejny :slight_smile:


Yo man!
This is absolutly amazing work! Shaders and rendering are more than realistic.
I like an idea, too. They can would say: inspiring the last BG episode ;). Naturally 5* from me.
Pawel, ta praca wymiata! Gratulacje!


absolutely amazing!!

I love it!

Is it just 1 pass??


wow… nothing to nit pick on. Beautiful render!



great render !

it looks real :slight_smile:



:thumbsup: Amazing and creative idea! - I love this piece of yours! - beautiful :applause:


Amazing job on your textures. Great dirt maps. Five stars man.


Wow !
What can I say ?
5 stars.


Great work, very realistic textures!!


That is incredible! Amazing textures. Great idea too!


Great concept and image. Terrific details - From the rust on the robot - all the way down to the soldered joints on the bike. Just beautiful work.


Very nice idea!I made an image with a similar concept. Graet modeling and render looks perfect…


thanks man :lightbulb

go to award :buttrock:


en ,nice:)