Observatorium II: The Orrey Room, Dennis Allain (3D)


Title: Observatorium II: The Orrey Room
Name: Dennis Allain
Country: United States
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

Been some time since I have had something to post. This is a model/scene I have been trying to sort out for a while. It is an interior exercise where I am going for a sense of scale and texture. I was also trying to maintain a more ‘painted’ look. Thanks for viewing, comments and crits always encouraged.


Wow, thats friggin brilliant, not quite painted though.

More like a watercolored concept sketch.

Still, it looks amazing to me, 4 stars.


Nice idea and beautifuly done. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado


Very nice. I like the style.


Very cool design. Love the style


Superb painting effect. Is there any chance for you to tell us how you achived it? Was it post-process?

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hey all, thanks for the positive feedback… Here is a detail image. Hope it helps show some of the smaller design moves…
Thanks again


love it, 5 stars from me, there are Indeed a lot more there apart from realism.

keep it up!


very nice details, love it, shuould post a wire, would be very good.
awesome work


There’s a lot of loveliness in there. Nicely done.

Is that a Sketch & Toon render, or heavy post in PS? Or both? I’ve been using S&T quite a bit at work lately doing more traditional “blueprint” renders. This is an effect I’d like to try, though on an animation I imagine the render times could be prohibitive.

I wouldn’t mind a touch more contrast in the image, some “crunchy-ness” in the big cogs and gears on the main telescope body. That might help some of the shapes read a bit more clearly. Still, that’s a great piece of work.

Keep posting.



the picture is so cool… ah ah … I so like the design … um um …good job… ****4stars from me …keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


Hey thanks for the feedback! S&T is great but I do not use it as much as I would like because it can bog down with hi poly counts. I usually render a clean model and work it over in PS. ‘Contrast’ you are right on… my monitor shows the image with more contrast unfortunatly. The colors are a bit more muttled in this one too (feels like a gamma thing).
Here is a wire. Thanks again for your comments.


I love that painted style - the close-up shows some nice, subtle, variation.

I understand the need to keep trade secrets, but could you give some more hints as to your working method to accomplish this look :slight_smile:


e[dub] - thanks! Well; it is really a process of layering. I bring a raw rendering in from Cinema4D. No textures/ basic lighting/ medium detail. Then I start to build up color and texture in photoshop. I am a fan of tradition mediums (watercolor in particular) so I have taken some of those techniques and tried to use them in the computer. A color is placed over the model on a separate layer and over several additional layers with very little opacity, I can control the tonal qualities that start to mimic a washy effect. Hope that sheds some light on the method behind the madness. Thanks for your interest!


that´s an interesting and beautiful scene. There´s an unique style!



Beautiful composition and execution.

Regarding the contrast, I’ve looked at it on both a contrasty LCD monitor and a more accurate CRT and in both cases it looks great. I like the light, airy quality it has. If you were to increase the contrast too much, it would lose that quality.

A couple incongruities though. While there is a lot of texture and detail in this picture, there is a spot of sunshine just to the left of the telescope(?) that is completely blank white. It looks almost like it got forgotten. Perhaps just a few pale marks to suggest the surface. Also there is some kind of crab thingy floating behind the glass on the far left that doesn’t make any sense to me given the nature of the rest of the picture (but perhaps I’m missing something).



Are you using the Watercolor and or Underpainting filters in Photoshop? I use these when creating a watercolor effect in illustrations. Painter has a filter called Sketch that produces a pretty nice outline of shapes from shaded images.


nickjsky- thanks for the feedback, originally, and perhaps in a forthcoming rendition, I had specimen tanks all arround the permiter. They were going to represent: earth, sea and air. I had a prehistoric bird skeleton to one side and additional creatures everywhere else. I scrapped the idea but left the crab, at the time I liked how the shadows intereacted with the shell and legs… anyways good comment, I may need to rethink the artifacts surrounding the center space. As for color, I wanted the tip of the telescope to be the brightest and therefor be the center of attention. My version has the faintest blue in the sky at that point but as you mentioned it may not be successful… Good input!
Quadart- generally speaking I do not use filters. Anything ‘automated’ can tend to homogenize the image and over standardize the quality of the painting. For me; I paint with a multitude of layers of varying opacities to build up color and texture. As painful as that can be at times, it is a good way to keep my work feeling more random and unique (well that’s the theory anyway…hahaha). Thanks again for the interest!


This is a really lovely image, I was going to post that you could really clean up applying this style to Architectural Illustration… Then it clicked where I’d heard your name before! Fantastic image.


Sorry Dennis. I was unclear. The sky looks fine. It is the spot of sunshine hitting the wall above and behind the closest sphere that is completely white.