Obrigado francescaluce :)


Thank you francescaluce, here is a render using her shader… damn this thing its much faster than the Maya layer shader built in version…:beer:

this is just a preview im still finishing this image, but thanks to francesca, this will be easy :thumbsup:


Wow! Are the plants 2D cards?


ehy… freaking nice, keep it on !!




Sweet man, how you made the grass, are they paint fx converted do polys ?


well, yes they are all paintFX converted to poly,it will take some time to render the final res, but again , thanks to Francesca, this will be much more easy, cause the shader she developed, its 10000% faster than the Maya shader. :thumbsup:


Here is the final stage, i need to adjust a few things and then render the high res (1024x768) as soon as i render this image, i will post the final result here.Again Thank you very much Francesca:thumbsup:



Very nice, one thing that bugs me is the shadow along the wall on the top right. It’s a bit too sharp, are you using dmap shadows for that or ray tracing? Also the corner of the walls on the top right where the textures meet is a bit too harsh, they don’t blend together well enough, same goes for the wall and the stairs. Also, some gouges and nicks out of the stairs and and some more wear and tear on them would be very nice, the edges of the stairs on the top side of them as well as underneath are really sharp. Bevel those a bit more and soften them up a bit. Blend those a little more, fix the stairs, and fix that shadow and you’ll have a very solid piece.


Parabéns cara, vc tá ficando cada vez melhor
E muito paciente, pois críticas como a última que vc recebeu neste thread, dá vontade
de ficar quieto mesmo.


That looks realy nice ronaldomiranda, what kind of shader are you talking about?


Valeu Ronaldo,mas eu acho legal as criticas, isso so faz com que eu aprenda mais.:thumbsup:
Thanks Bill, well what you mention, are the things im changing,Thanks for your comment:thumbsup:
Osaires, the name of the shader is Mix8layer, that was developed by Francesca:thumbsup:


This shader is sooooo soooo great, Francesca :slight_smile:
MRfM has come on leaps and bounds with all your wonderful help!
Thanks so much for helping us all out with your gems :bounce:
where would we be without you??? :wink:

Lovely render, slipknott66 - keep 'em coming!



Hmm… where is this shader you speak of? Sounds interesting. Lovely picture by the way, but next time use less paintFX. Otherwise it is quite nice.


Forgive my ignorance, but I must ask, how are you using the shader in this scene? My understanding of the shader is that it gives you Photoshop layer-like control over several different textures, and HSV tweaking. I could see how you could use that to reveal the exposed brick, but I don’t see how it fits in with the plants. I haven’t done any under-the-hood MR stuff, but seeing these results makes me want to.

Could you give a layman’s explanation of what you’ve done w/francescaluce’s shader?


don’t think he used the mix8layer on the plants… if he doesn’t modeled 'em… I mean get out from the paintFX the leaves are generally grids matted with transparecy… well… under maya… if any of the last shaders are not a build in material shaders… the transparency is not preserved… I mean you have to enable raytrace transparency… under the material node… you do have to check ‘refraction’… this is not a mix8layer ‘feature’… under xsi it works without a glich also with scanline-based transparencies… under maya none of the custom shaders work and also none of the build.in color correction nodes.

when you do not need silhuoette ghosting… I mean simple layering like when you add speculars on the top of a diffuse shader (or like here probably for the wall)… matte (turn black) the material and then add or ‘screen’ that layer (alpha transparency)… instead to plug the alpha into the material transparency and then add only the visible part… its faster and actually safer… but take care that in this case (when are the mats to be transp and the obj stays fully opaque…) works also the 2nd way.

another pretty thing is… that when you plug any shader into the mentalray material node in the SG… well all the filtering settings are not preserved (those that come from the ‘file’ node and also those from the bump one)… if you never touched them… well they’re by default at 1… if you plug any shader into the mr mat node… it is like if they’re set to 0… (and do not try to plug a build.in material node into that custom mat slot… coz you’ll be trashed to the desktop !!)… so in the case of mix8layer plug always into the surfaceshader slot… by default the bitch try to plug it into the mr material slot via the ‘message’ attribute.




Well, yes i didnt used this shader for the plants, as Francesca said, they are all PaintFX converted into polys, i used the mix8layer for the walls, to reveal the bricks.The good thing about this shader as was mentioned is the fact that you can control the colors(cc) and it is 1000% faster then the Maya buit in Layer shader.:thumbsup:


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