obo FumeFX 4 for Maya


Unfortunately, I had to put my FumeFX 4 License for Maya up on eBay. I thought i’d post it here too, before the week expires.

It’s a full 4.0 license with the Arnold, Vray, and Mental Ray Shaders and extra sim nodes.

Plus, I’m including the Allan McKay FumeFX Genesis for Maya 7 hour tutorial video series.

If anyone is interested, post a reply.


FYI. My lowest price eBay listing ends in about 3 hours.
its FumeFX for Maya version 4, plus the Allan McKay tutorial series videos staring at $588.00

If it doesn’t sell I’m going to raise the price some and just leave it on there indefinitely as a “Buy Now” item.

Its a brand new current license with Afterwprks approval to sell.

The price otherwise for is $895 plus $85.

just a time-limited heads-up. :slight_smile: