Object's rotation goes crazy when exported in Unreal


I’ve tried almost everything and nothing seem to work.
I have a rotating object in 3dsmax (a car’s wheel).
I export it via datasmith (I need to use datasmith).
In Unreal it spins crazily and doesn’t mimic 3dsmax behaviour.
What I’ve tried:

resetting xform
rotating pivot
changing rotation axis order
setting rotation controller to linear
rotating the object

Nothing! I literally don’t know what’s left to do.


a couple of things you could try:

create a cylinder and see if it does the same thing as your wheel

if it does it could be rotation in rad instead of deg which can be rectified with a formula.


if you can key it manually,collapse the rotation


Yes James, I’ve tried with other geometries and the result is the same.

The rotation is baked, how can I rectify degrees to radians? Do you suggest to put a formula (I don’t know which one) in the rotation controller of the wheel? One for each rotation slot?


Yes, give it a shot.