Objects moving on 3D landscape


I have experience with other animation software but I’m inexperienced with Cinema4D and I’m considering purchasing it. However, I need advice if this can be done in Cinema4D:

I’ve marked the time, if you could watch 10-15 seconds and let me know if this is something that can be made in Cinema4D. If the marked time link doesn’t work, it’s 8m 20s into the video.

I’m not looking to make gamey battles per se, I have a different kind of project in mind, but this video is a perfect example of what I’m looking for. Could anyone help me in pinning down if Cinema4D is the right software for this + any plugins or other supplementing applications.

Apologies if this is not related to Cinema4D, I’m just hoping that people here can point me in the right direction.

Thank you



Yes this can be done using the surface deformer.

Watch this video.



Thank you so much, will watch that now. If you can think of anything else useful that’d be helpful.


Yes the collision deform can also do a similar thing only you got more control over the direction of the moving object has. With that comes more set up time to get it just right. Try a Inside volume type.

File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmmd1f46o8ljdoi/collisioin%20deform%20on%20surface.c4d?dl=0



I’m having difficulty figuring out exactly what you’re referring to in that clip - objects sticking to a surface as its moved, with the object’s orientation determined by the surface normals?



This is not my video, its one I pointed you to. Id have to watch it again to get where your getting stuck. The essence is that you use the surface deformer to make the normal direction of the surface its applied to follow that of the surface its assigned to. The UV method is simply the position of the surface along it in the U and V direction. The second method (see file) has similar effect.



Thanks guys!

I’m new to Cinema4D and my first problem was finding which software to use to create a 3D landscape. Second, it’s how to move objects on said 3D landscape similar to how it’s done in the video I found on YouTube. Thirdly can 3D detailed models also be made in Cinema4D and used on 3D landscape?


Thats cool, all 3 things can be done within C4D.



@Recto - Sorry, I should have quoted Kreinzer before asking my question, as I was directing it towards him. :slight_smile:

And yes, all of that can be done in C4D, as well as just about every major 3D program. For something this straightforward, C4D might even be overkill - have you looked at blender?


No problem, I took should have looked again, thought I was replying to OP. Blender can go beyond C4D in many ways seems.



Huh? Luke said C4d might be overkill for the job.


No I haven’t. I’d need something for a mix of landscaping, with houses, plants, terrain and things moving around on that 3D surface, across bridges, pavements etc. Perhaps “overkill” wouldn’t be that bad then? Or would Blender suffice?


What ever gets the job done I would say, If I owned C4D and knew how to use blender also id just use what ever one did the job easier for me. C4D would only be a overkill if one was to purchase a perpetual licence of Studio for a single job that could have been done in Blender if one knows it well enough already.



Here are still frames from the video OP linked to; it’s very straightforward. There’s no point spending $1,000 - $2,000 (or more) an a moderate version of C4D when all you need to do is create an undulating surface and move primitives over it. This is the exact sort of situation that blender is perfect for - when you really just need the basics.

(I know this is a C4D forum, but I feel like a salesperson at Best Buy who simply has to tell a potential customer “Don’t waste your $50 on this cable here - get the $6 one from Amazon - its just as good!”)