Object viewer


Im after an object viewer that will allow me to reference in objects in Maya.
Basically what I need is a window in Maya that will allow me to view a directory of models via small icons. By clickiing on an icon the window would bring in the model as a reference.
Does anybody know of an existing program/mel script that will allow me to do this. If not is anyone willing to make one for a small fee??


The only quick way to do this would to make icons for every file, little .bmps, .jpgs, or whatever. You could probably write a script that would go through all your files, frame up a camera, and make a little snapshot (maybe even a turntable, if you have a renderfarm to send the job to) but loading in the geometry and generating an actual 3d preview would be prohibitively slow and probably require c++/opengl experience.


I managed to find a batch file that will render out small .bmps of .mb files which is nice. But I need to go the next step and have those bmps somehow linked to the .mb files so that I can click on the .bmp(or .ico) to reference in the .mb file. Im not asking for a small 3d viewer.
We are working with hundereds of models here so we need a fast easy way to select the right model and reference it into a scene.


you might be able to build a custom “visor” UI that would do this.

  1. generate an image file with the same file name as the maya scene file in the same folder as the scene file (ex. sceneFile.mb would have a sceneFile.bmp with it)
  2. create a visor using mel for that folder then use the flag -saveSwatch to create .swatch files for all the image files in that folder.
  3. rename the swatches to match the mb files (sceneFile.bmp.swatch to sceneFile.mb.swatch)
  4. delete the bmp file as it is no longer needed.

Now you have maya scene files with associated swatches that are visible in maya’s visor. Maya’s visor only lets you import files but you could create your own or possibly attach a new popupmenu that lets you reference selected nodes.

This method would probably involve the least amount of coding, But I would recommend, if you have time to, to create a custom mel application from scratch that works simliarly, finding thumbnail images in a subfolder similar to the /.mayaSwatch/ folder that have the same filename as the matching maya scene file.


Doesn’t the maya bonus tools for 6.5 demonstrate something like this? I know there’s a video on the alias website demonstrating 6.5 features, and they demonstrate how they have a UI/Browser that has rotating icons of models (like lamps, and post boxes) which they can click on and it gets entered into the current scene…


I think there is something in the 6.5 bonus tools to do this, you are correct Iconoklast.

You might also look for the Level Tools script. This has the functionality built in to import object, would be trivial to modify it so it refences them instead, as well as allkinds of layout tools for levels, like snapping objects to another surface, and spacing them out equidistant from each other, real handy stuff.

Not sure where you can find a copy, though, check the Alias community pages.


i think this will help u a bit…

look for xt_prefablibrary mel in highend3d.


mexxmillion … thats a great little tool but not quite what Im looking for. I have to merge my objects as one and the texture location of my objects are changed. I need the objects textures to remain in their current location. It would also be nice if I didnt have to merge the object. Dam, so close!


oops … take that back … you can make it keep the texture locations.


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