Object tracker issue while doing motion tracking


Hi everybody, I’m trying to do some object tracking but I’m not sure what’s wrong, I’ve uploaded the footage correctly, I’ve selected a couple of points as tracking points. I chose the manual tracking and ensure that no point broke down. Finally I have all the markers selected on the object tracker but when I click on the Reconstruction tab, the “Run 3D Solver to Object” button is not active… I’ve reviewed half a dozen tutorials with no luck whatsoever on how to enable it… I’m starting to think that is a problem with my Cinema 4D R18 installation… any thoughts? Thanks a bunch in advanced, I’m supposed to end this footage by tomorrow and I’m out of time!!


How many features have you tracked?


Hi noseman, thanks for getting back to me, I’ve tried with 3, 4 and 6 different trackers… and for what I’ve seen in one of the tutorials it worked with 4… so I’m clueless… Thanks!


You usually need at least 7 trackers, ideally on different planes and with different perspective shifts to have a good solve.


Thanks EricM!! I’m trying it out, I’ll set at least 10 trackers to see if it’s solved


Thanks guys, I tried it and it worked when I’ve added enough points. Finally!


If you provide a reference geometry to project your tracks on, then you can get away with 3 tracks if they exist throughout the entire range and are of good quality.


Thank your comment Havelot!