Object : Supercharged computer tower


My roomate and I where brainstorming one day, and the image of this really whacked out computer popped into my head. I’m continually adding on extras and thingys. Feel free to suggest something to add. :slight_smile:


How about a pencil sharpener :slight_smile:


prefere this one


“The Firewire ports are on top, right?”


Bah, what fun would be it be to model that little mac?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really not to sure about the 2 long horns on top, they don’t feel like they fit.


Update, did away with the horns on top, they just look rediculous. The vents on the side didnt fit right either, so I tried doing something with chrome cables on the side.
Some of the detail on the cables is lost at this low res, but should show up very nicely later when I do some hires renders.


All it needs now is a fluxcapacitor!!!


wow thats a mac in 30 years from now lol.

lol you should also submit that to the AOL high speed challenge. heh thats great man, I can see some private mac company making that as a tower for a mac computer.


Is AOL holding a contest of some sort? I checked aol.com and didn’t see anything. Or are you saying just submit it to see if they’d be interested in it?

And out of curiosity, why does everyone think it should be a mac? The way it looks? Or do most of you people who posted just happen to like/use macs?


I like it! Does that big red window on the front glow when he talks like HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey?


hehe, no. it’s hard to discern what it is really, because it’ missing a lot of details and textures, but that’s the CD/DVD player. :slight_smile:


Last update for today. Click HERE for to see the highres version.


having this under my table I would be frightened that it bites into my toe

sorry for the crits - as a mac addict I always find this hightuned pc with christmas lights and fluxcompensators a bit funny

so just a matter of taste
keep it up - it seems to bee a lot of fun modelling arround on it

the horns are too much - they make it too unserious


Here’s a small update, spent most of today wrangling the tubes on the top of the case. Needs some more detail on top though I think, in addition to the tubes.



Another small update. Added some details such as screws and panel rivets.
Also changed the case from a polymodel to a sub-D, so the edges are ever so slightly rounded.
Also added some volume lights for effect, most noticibly on the floor in front of the powerlight.

Hires HEREHires HERE


Enhanced lighting arrangment. 3 key lights with raytraced shadows, 1 ambient, 2 opposed fill lights, and 2 opposed backlights.
Added some USB-type ports to the top, and detail to the backside. Also added some simple textures (labels). There’s a caution sticker on the back, a bump map on the CD lid, and a small texture for the label on the CD control panel.

I also switched to a different variation on the chrome shader. I think I like this one better.

Hires Front
Hires Back


if we are lucky there wont be any macs around in 30 years, all they are is really big paper weights


If the mac company hasn’t burned itself into the ground in 30 years I will go do it myself.

Come on now… Your telling me I dont have a choice of what goes in?
Overly price me and then screw me later when I find out I can’t upgrade.

Mac Upgrade:
Throw the current one out the window and go buy a new one.

Yah…great marketing strategy… you will win over everyone /sarcasm.


Wow this thing reminds me of 2 things… 1) I really need to take a look under the hood of my truck to make sure my engine is still there!!! :slight_smile: and 2) if you put some straps on it and some flames out the red thing and now you have a jet pack.

By the way does this machine come with a supercharger, and does it use it use regular or unleaded gas?

HAhaha Cool model!!!



lol, I’d forgotten about this thread, been to busy with other projects. Glad you all still enjoy it. :slight_smile:
Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a chance to come back and do some more fun stuff with it, it really was fun making all those little gadgets. And there’s still an entire side left with nothing on it. :o

Btw, it runs off of a 440v AC plug as you can see on the back, although in a pinch, it can be hooked up to a Mr.Fusion. :smiley: