Object Properties 2.0


[Find the last post by me on this thread for the latest version]

It’s always annoyed me that the Object Properties window is modal (locks out the rest of the max interface), someone mentioned in one the various 3dsmax rant threads that it annoys the hell out of them, and I thought, hang on that can’t be too difficult to re-make.

So I’ve written a new one in maxscript! This is non-modal, so you can change your selection with it open and see your changes in real-time.

I’m planning on adding some extended features and some more useful features. I’m welcoming suggestions of what you’d like to see added in. It’s very handy as allows you to animate visibility without having to constantly open and close the dialog.

I’ve added in all the tabs you’d expected as well as the VRay Object Properties tab and a very useful Maxscript tab which tells you everything about all the properties to do with that object, modifier, material, interfaces etc.

It’s being used in production and has no known major bugs…


Dave - you are a genius.

Does this mean that it’s possible to animate the visibility track of an object and actually move the time slider?

Will scratch my head and see if I can think of anything to add but in the meantime, great job!


Yep, haven’t added in the visibility animation tracks yet, but hoping to removing the faff of having to deal with the different controllers for on/off animation and variable visibility. I’ll make it automatic.


Looks like a great idea :thumbsup:


Fantastic idea! It really annoys me being a locked window.

Being a vray user, I never use the adv. lighting or mental ray tab either.

Something else that annoys me, every time I launch object props, it defaults to the ‘User Defined Properties’, which I never use anyway and have to tab over to ‘General’.


Yep that happens to me, which is annoying, mine won’t do this of course :twisted:


Looks good. I hate it being modal as well.

I use advanced lighting. Radiosity is still useful in games.

If at all possible, I’d like to be able to toggle material colour/ object colour on a per object basis rather than a scene basis. Or just be able to turn textures on and off would do. We’re constantly running out of VRAM with DX shaders and this would be very helpful for that.

But I have no idea if this is even possible as is.


Oh look a maxscript file to test…

Version 0.3 ready for viewing… still beta at the moment… but it’s usable and if you’re animating visibility, very useful!

Open it up and take a look at the instructions and then go test it… make it break please! Then tell me what you did…

Written and tested in max 2011 should work in future and previous versions as long as they didn’t add/remove many extra buttons.


Nice work! And to think my rant helped it along!

Love the fact it’s taken you a few days when it’s been on max wish lists for about 10 years.

Not sure it will stop me from staying with C4D though :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly pass it on to the max house I am at



Awesome. Just post problems here as we find them? I came across one immediately. :wink:

Any time I select something else in the scene with OP2 open, I get:
‘MAXScript Callback script Exception’ – Unknown property: “UpdateSel” in undefined

That’s in Max 2013 PU4


I’ve thought this quite often myself. I’m not a dev, so I have no idea what goes into adding new features from AD’s side, but it’s kinda shocking to see Marius Silaghi (quad chamfer), Clovis Gay (Anim Transfert, Ultimate Painter) or spacefrog (PowerPreview), to name a few, knocking out awesome tools quickly and efficiently…


D’oh! Scope issue… fixed now, re-download it from the link above, and to think I just wrote a whole long blog post on how exciting (huh?) scopes are.



Some more, pretty trivial things, really… So far hasn’t crashed on me.

  • Name field doesn’t change object name
  • Materialname doesn’t update when material applied, changed, removed.
  • Visibility slider doesn’t seem to update unless I toggle some other boxes (hide, freeze, etc)
  • Vertices/Faces field is empty


Can you clarify that please?


It’s strange, but if I toggle the ‘hide’ or ‘freeze’ functions, it happens instantaneously. But if I mess with the visibility slider, it doesn’t take effect until I toggle something else. When I get back at work I’ll test to see if its a viewport thing or if the changes actually don’t stick.


Version 0.5

Fixed all those issues, can’t repeat the visibility problem you’re having, fixed a few other little issues. Should be mostly working now.


How a bout a tab that does a
Showproperties $
Classof $
superclassof $
on the selection and anything else that could speed things up.



Great idea! Thanks, done some interesting dev on this today… Think you’re going to like what I’ve come up with.


I might add showInterfaces $ to that wishlist, if that doesn’t make things too cluttered. Feature creep can be deadly to good UI design.


Whoa, it feels like a completely new 3ds max almost! I love this! :bounce: :bounce: