Object not recieving light, but only from certain angles. Mental ray physical sun - mia_material_x


I have an object with a mia material_x as well as a displacement shader using mental ray approximation. If the the sun hitting the right side, it works fine. however if the sun hits from the left side, it appears as though it is in shadow, all the other geo surrounding it is responding correctly, and it still casts a correct shadow.

Here is the sun coming from the left, where it is glitched:


and here is the sun coming from the other side, where it receives light properly.

I checked normal direction, mia_material setterings etc… Any ideas appreciated


Mental ray does bot exist anymore Nathaniel.
Switch to a better renderer.


Oh. I’m guessing there is no way to convert mRay aprox displacement -> polygons then? too old?


yes you can, but better to do it in a modern renderer.


Do you actually know this, or are you just staying yes you can?


You can convert displacement plugged into Shading Group then Modify>Convert Displacement to polygons.
Although is always more efficient to do this at render time.


Thank you. but I believe that is using maya displacement? Mental ray has its own displacement aproximation that I can’t seem to match using maya’s displacement… According to this thread from 2005 there is not a way


That won’t matter if you convert to polygons, though. You no longer need the displacement shader at all. You can hide the original and not worry about mental ray’s Approximation, for that object at least.

But the polygon conversion might not be too pretty. Give it a shot.