object lights


      mentalray supports arbitrary geometric objects as area lights. 
      maya too, if you use the ctrl_objectlights. :)


Ummmm…cought (linux) cough.:):slight_smile:


just great francesca!

i was ready to go to bed, but now i guess i’ll be spending some more time in maya :wink:
i’ve been looking forward to a straightforward process off having objects as area lights and i can’t believe that no vendor has implemented this funtionality of MR inside a UI, since it’s been on the MR feature list for quite a while.

well, thank’s again to you and your fellow colleagues at ctrl.studio.

p.s. over on xsibase i’ve seen that your studio has released multipass shaders for mental ray. any chance we get these in maya too? these might very well come in handy.

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wow this will be great for tonnes of situations!
Thank you francescaluce.


:buttrock: !!! francescaluce!!!:love:


Yes yes yes!! I’ve wanted this ever since Maya first got Mental Ray!!

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got some problems. I’m using Maya 6.0.1.
First I could not create an objectlight by help of the usage notes … means, I did the connections and everything without errors, but in the rendering the effect didn’t appear.

So, I tried the sample scene, but this one isn’t working too. For that the connections could not be made and there are following error messages:

// Error: line 1: The ctrl_objectlights ‘ctrl_objectlights1’ has no ‘S11’ attribute. //
// Error: line 1: Could not make connection; could not find source plug ctrl_objectlights1.S11’ //

Besides, what is the pCube2 in the sample scene for?


problem solved. see post below.




excuse my ignorance, but whats the difference between this shader and using a surface shader?

ditto what jackdeth said :smiley:



Ummm… I guess the advantage of a light is it emits light. It is able cast proper shadows, shade your objects properly and even emits photons. If you used a surface shader you’d need to have fg on by the way…

Thx a million for that francesca! How did you solve it? I’ve been trickling around with that a while but couldnt get it to work within maya…


about my problem i posted before, i did found some more information.

API 0.0 error 301030: C:/Programme/Alias/Maya6.0/mentalray/include/ctrl_objectlights.mi, line 5: mi file requires ray version 3.4 or newer, this is 3.3.1


so, my fault. I put the Maya 6.5 include files into my Maya 6.0.1 Installation. Strange, that there was no error message for mental ray starting up.



one more time,
thanks a lot francesca,
it is realy cool…


Hey all!

Could someone please compile this for the OS X version of Maya 6.5? Have been wanting this for quite some time. Thanks in advance.




thnx francesca,
what you do by sharing all this great work with the mr community is incredible cool.

As Muncher said, I also first thought we are allready able to do so, by turning up the incadescence and render it with FG … but beeing able to do the trick without physical calculation of photons - I wanna have this.





Great! Many thanks for this contribution!
More descent stuff is coming from you in the last time than from Alias ; - )

The shader goes nice with maya-glow. Though It’s a mixture of ctrl_geolight and the incadescence approach:
test with glow

(no fg, fg, fg+glow, fg+glow)

I switched back to incadescence because when you use a decay the geometry light visible part behaves strange (fades out)

I tested a bit, but I’m not sure if the photons are really emmiting from all over the geometry.

If I find some time I’ll test it with mr volume!



pfiooouuuu! a other great one:thumbsup:

many thanks !!!


made some more quick tests
hallway test
1.) (top left) no decay, no fg, no gi
2.) gi YES! the photons are really emmited from all over the geometry light : - )
3.) quadratic decay
4.) quadratic decay and fg

This time the decay worked fine and I did not get the incorrect fading I mentioned in my previous post, so I assume I screwd up some options in my first test.



oh my…!!
u’re so great!! :scream: :scream:
many many thanx francesca :love: :love:


cough…any news on the linux version…cough :smiley:



ctrl_geocolor for maya,
allows a ‘textured’ object to influence color shadows and falloff of the linked light.