Object: Energy Drink (realism)


Please give me hard critiques.



Hmm, the front facing bubbles are looking flat, possibly blurry-you may want to adjust the refraction or something. The studio enviro is kind of plain, it needs something to spice it up. Last thing the camera angle is uninspired, you are in control, make this product exciting. It looks good, there is a semi-hard critique for you :wink:


Tbonz816 - Thanks for the critique! Unfortunatley the only thing i can really fix is the flat bubbles, everything else is required by the client :-/ I might do some beauty renders after the project is done and import the Can into a nicer backround, and mess around with some better camera angles :slight_smile: I’ll try and tweek the water droplets :slight_smile: Thanks!!!



NP shaykai! If you are going to keep the studio enviro, you may want to have the floor curve up way off in the distance, that will eliminate the horizon line from the plane it is sitting on. :wink:


Oh! hahah i TOTALLY forgot about doing that, i kept putting it off and putting it off :slight_smile: Thanks again Tbonz816!!!



i just made a scene like that a few months ago so i could give ya a few tips :slight_smile:
first of all i’d suggest work on much better lightnning for the scene to make it look less flat (try putting slightly colored stronger lights on the sides or something like that).
also, before focusing on the droplets, you have to give the can a more metallic texture.
as for the droplets, its really all about tweaking the refraction and reflection settings (and also the highlights, but thats after u set up the lightning).
this might help you a bit -


it was you! I was looking for your original thread, but i couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue: Could you tell me how i can fix my metal shader? I’ve tweeked it for about 6 hours total now and thats the best i could get. I agree my lighting needs to be fixed, and so i’m also working on that too. Also how did you get your water droplets to look so real? AMAZING JOB! I’d really appreciate it if you hit me up on aim, my aim is: shaykai1337 or msn: shaykai@hotmail.com so we could chat some more. Please give me some tips on how to perfect my shaders, thanks!!



here i am with raytracing tips!

a) you’re using “metal” shader? if you’re talking about the built in Metal shader for max, do NOT use that thing. That is an ancient trick that nobody uses anymore because it just won’t let you produce photo-realistic results. just stick with one of the other normal shaders.

b) it looks like you’ve got a Specular highlight on the can. Specular highlighting is also another old trick that some people still use but i strongly discourage it. Specular highlights just fake raytraced reflections from a light source. What you should really do is create an environment to be reflected and then raytrace that.

c) it looks like your water droplets have a diffuse channel in them?? Real water has no diffuse/color. To correctly model water, you want to use a 2-sided material with the correct IOR. I don’t know what the IOR of water is – but glass has an IOR of 1.55. I suspect water would be a bit higher. Look for an IOR chart on google.com.

d) is it jsut me or does the texture on your can look a little blurry? is the texture too low resolution? or maybe you accidentally have it set to blur and don’t realize it.

e) what renderer are you using? you’re gonna have hell of a lot of trouble getting photo-realistic results with the Max Scanline renderer.

f) ALWAYS follow this rules of thumb: A reflective object will only look as good as the environment it is reflecting! You’ve got nothing more here than a plain white world to reflect. Maybe you should add some white cards or something for the can to reflect. The objects don’t have to be visible ot the camera. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the help pha3z, and thanks for hitting me up on AIM :slight_smile: I’ll post some beauty renders with some of the changes you suggested soon :slight_smile: thanks again!



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