Object details symmetry problem


Hi guys, I am working on a model but as I adding more details now it doesn’t replicate the same detail on the other side. I have switched symmetry on by pressing X but still when I add detail on one side of model then it doesn’t come on other side. Also the brush intensity is also different. The brush intensity is normal on the side I sculpt but on other side brush intensity is less hence my details doesn’t duplicated perfectly while I add details on one side. Any guess why this is happening?


Is symettry turnd on, ie can you see the little red dot on the other side of the model?


Yes symmetry turned on but the sculpt is not same on one side.


look under tool>deformation >smart resym
or resym
you may need to go to the lowest subd then mask half of the model to restore your symmetry,

you need to get your symmetry back.
you can all so try tool>geometry>modify topology>mirror and weld


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