I have a project where I want to populate the inside of text with 6 instances of coffee beans. I attach what I’m doing.

I’m using a Cloner with 6 different coffee bean models and I want to stuff the text nicely without any of the models intersecting.

Or if there’s another solution for this task other than using a Cloner be great to know…


I’d use Dynamics. Go to Project Settings (Ctrl(Cmd)+D) > Dynamics > General tab and reduce Gravity to 0 cm, then add a Rigid Body tag to your Cloner and under Collision tab, set Inherit tag to “Apply Tag to All Children” and Individual Elements to “All”, Shape to “Moving Mesh”, then under Force tab, change Follow Position to “5” and Follow Rotation to “5”. You will need to experiment with these numbers to get the visual look you desire.

The clones will then bump into each without intersecting.

To stop them moving in a certain position for the piece, Bake the Cache for the Cloner (Rigid Body tag > Cache tab), move to that position and right-click the Cloner and choose Current State to Object.

A simpler alternative, depending on your coffee bean geometry, would be to use the Push Apart Effector, but you may not get the result required.


Yes sorry thanks only just found your reply- that’s exactly what I did except I put gravity to 100 and over packed the text slightly and ran the simulation through for 90 frames - worked a treat incredible software. You get a few spares that fire out that overlap the edges but you can delete them after simulating of course.

The only problem I came across was with the global dynamics settings in the Project settings - adjusting the Scale and Collision Margin as I’m using real world scale for the beans as by default Cinema 4d is at quite a large scale for dynamics…

Much appreciated anyway. Thanks.


2 things. 1, before you start working, set the project scale to millimeters instead of cm, that will make all the collisions etc have a more useful scale. 2, dont put that cloner in a subdivision surface, or every bean will have to be recalculated on every frame of animation. Instead, each bean should have its own SDS


Great - thanks for those tips !


Found this if you are not interested in making an animation of the beans.



Hi Demis - sorry I didn’t ever see your response only found it now. I made the beans myself with Maya and ZBrush a while ago. This was for an animation for my reel - this is the initial state before I added various cool cinema 4d dynamic effects to the beans to make explode apart etc :slight_smile: