.obj files .mtl files and .max files


This is a really stupid question. I have looked on you tube and google and I can’t find the answer to this stupid ass question. I want to start learning 3d.

.obj files do not hold texture information if I am correct. So if I have a .max file (i have a few) and i export it out as a .obj file I have to create a folder that has a sub folder called Textures and copy all textures into that folder and when i open the .obj file in say keyshot or modo or another PKG it will import and line up the textures correctly apply them to the scene correct? I plan on demo these in the coming months but i want to ask questions before i start demos given max is 230$ for a month if i go past the 30 day demo period. That also brings up the question of what is the best way of converting my old .max files. I bought some from turbo squid i know i know but i like them.


No. The file format doesn’t control the packages you import it into. You’ll want to create your materials yourself, and plug in any maps you need or exported such as diffuse, bump, specular, etc. The .obj format WILL export your UV map, but it doesn’t control the materials you create in whatever app you’ll be using.

I model in Rhino chiefly for arch/viz, but export from NURBS to polygons for rendering in Maya, using the .obj format exclusively. The format works fine. I just do ALL the materials in Maya, not in Rhino.