Obj Face Groups not saving


My workflow has recently required assigning face groups to the model before exporting as an obj. The face groups are fundamental for assigning bones for rigging/animation etc. Unfortunately, although you can assign the face groups in Silo, they seem to be dumped when exporting as an obj. Blender handles this perfectly but I hate the UI and would much rather continue working with Silo as part of my pipeline. Does the latest version of Silo fix this? If not, I’ll be sad to ditch my favorite modeller (been using since v1.4) and move on to Blender.


It is known and hopefully will be remedied.

A work-around might be to add unique materials to your face groups if your target app can use assigned materials to the same purpose.


Thanks but I’ve tried that with no luck. Was hoping Nevercenter would fix such a basic flaw in an export function. Blender here I come…